A Mission Statement

Welcome to my world.

An introduction is probably in order but I feel it would be more fun to allow the mystery to reveal itself one post at a time.

Writing is a very therapeutic exercise for me and I plan on being very liberal with my posts here. Opinions on current events, politics, movies, music and anything pop culture will be shared. My day-to-day life will be open for analysis, to a certain extent anyway. You’ll be introduced to many of my friends: some you’ll get first names while others will be given nicknames out of respect for their anonymity.

There will be some topics that get discussed more often than others. I’m a huge golf junkie and I’ll be using my blog as a means of dissecting my game in an effort to become a scratch player (ie: 0 handicap). It’s an unlikely goal for 2005 but it’s not impossible. Rundowns on all of my weekend golf activity, updates on my success (or lack thereof) in tournament play and reviews of all the different courses I play will be written.

I’m an absolute sports fanatic. I play in a local ball hockey league with friends throughout the year, I play co-ed baseball in the summertime and play co-ed volleyball in the wintertime. All of this will be discussed.

I’m also pretty enamored with the game of poker. I started playing Hold’em about a year ago and now host a semi-regular 1/2 Limit game at my place with anywhere from 5-10 people. The local casino just opened a cardroom about two weeks ago and I’ve been making some appearances there lately with great success. I’ll talk openly about my sessions, whether it’s crying about a bad beat or sheepishly talking about my suckout win with 72o out of the small blind.

Let’s get on to the show…

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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