Friday Night at the Casino

My buddy Toast and I ventured down to the Casino again last night for some $3/$6 action. This time we were seated at different tables.

I won the first hand I was dealt and then essentially folded for about 30 minutes straight. The tightness paid off eventually when the better cards started arriving.

I ended the night up $106.00, a sum I’m extremely pleased with considering the fact that I had to grind my way through a cold deck most of the 3 3/4 hours spent at the table. There weren’t very many exciting hands that I was involved in: most of my pots were on the smaller side with the exception of one where I benefited from the old “big blind special”.

I was dealt the powerful hand of 23o in the BB and was able to check my bet when no one raised preflop. The flop came down 237 rainbow and I bet out with a pained expression on my face. 4 callers later we saw the turn card come down, another 3. With my full house, I bet out again and get three callers. River was a 9 and I was able to get the girl to my left to call my bet. She only had a pair of fours but she felt she “had to play it all the way” since she was dealt the wired fours on the previous hand as well and hit quads ON THE FLOP (and took down a huge pot with them). This $69.00 pot was the largest I won all night and it was on a hand I would have folded quicker than you can bat an eyelash if someone had raised preflop. Funny game, poker is.

So, I’ve profited $318.00 in a little over 6 hours of playing time the last couple of days at the $3/$6 table. The general play was just as bad last night as it was the night before so I don’t see myself changing my table philosophy anytime soon.

No poker tonight, however. I’m going to spend some quality time with the lady tonight…a nice dinner on the town sounds like a plan!

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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