A Very Busy Weekend

The golf game is slowly coming around. Saturday was one of those dreadful Canadian spring weather days, raining and windy with temperatures hovering around 5 degrees. I was on the course with Toast, Harris and one of the semi-regulars Chuck. I played really well through the first seven holes (considering the poor weather), going +1. I made the turn at 39 after consecutive bogeys and decided to keep playing, as Toast and Harris dropped out because of the conditions.

I should have done the same, as my effectiveness on the course dropped faster than the temperature, with me shooting an ugly 44 on the back nine for a disappointing 83 on the day.

Had a nice Saturday night with the girlfriend. We hit the Keg Restaurant in Niagara Falls on the ninth floor of the Embassy Suites Hotel. The restaurant has a 100+ foot bay window with panoramic views of the Falls and the Niagara River: just beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, you pay for that view at this Keg, as they jack up the prices at least 25% over any other Keg. Still, it’s still nice to splurge every once in a while. From there, we ended up at the Blue Martini Lounge on the 35th floor of the Hilton for a couple martinis to close the night. Another neat place, again overlooking the Falls. They have a guitarist/singer performing and the atmosphere is tremendous – highly recommended.

More golf on Sunday. Once again I was joined by Toast and Harris, along with semi-regular Jon. I hit the ball a bit better and was able to get around in 78 shots. My putting and chipping are still a bit lackluster but I hit some really good shots during the round and made a lot of routine pars. I’ll likely try to hit the practice tee this week to work on my game a bit. Tournament season is just around the corner.

After a late breakfast, Toast, Harris and I ventured down to the Casino for some poker. The table was extremely soft again but this time, I was unable to take advantage. My cards were colder than cold and I literally didn’t win a single hand for almost two hours. I somehow survived that cold spell but was never able to get back anywhere near even and ended up down $155.00. My only pocket pair was fours (and that turned into a full house that won my biggest pot of the night) and I rarely saw a playable hand. It was frustrating because the table was very loose and there was money to be made but you can’t make big plays at the $3/$6 here – you have to have a hand and I just could never get one. Oh well, that’s variance for you. I’m still up quite a bit for the weekend so I can’t be too upset. On the plus side, Toast was a big winner again, racking up over $200.00 in profits on the day. Harris wasn’t so lucky. He’s a very loose player and it worked out for him in the first hour at the table, as he hit no less than SEVEN FLUSHES on the night! Just to give perspective, the last three nights at the casino for yours truly, I haven’t seen ONE, even with two winning sessions! However, Harris just plays too many borderline hands and his chipstack started dwindling down. At one time he was up at least $150.00 and he ended the night down $55.00. Toast celebrated his big win by treating Harris and I to a great pizza and wing dinner at Yanks Restaurant in Niagara Falls, where they arguably have the best pizza in the region.

A great way to end the weekend.

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado


  • In those conditions I would take an 83 any day. Hell at my rate … I\’ll be happy to get back to my normal high-80-self, but with this weather, it may not be this season.


  • Yeah, not much better where you are is it? Ah well, the weather is supposed to make a turn for the better in the next few days so hopefully you get a chance to break 90 soon!


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