Afraid to Pull the Trigger

Depending on your point of view, GolfTown is either heaven on earth for fans of the game or the end of civilization as we know it…at least to your local golf professional who’s pretty much unable to compete with the corporate juggernaut.

I’m a big fan of the place. It is the crackhouse of the golf addict. 10,000 square feet of golf clubs, balls, clothes and accessories. If you can’t find it at GolfTown, it doesn’t exist.

The interesting thing is that I’ve driven up to Mississauga three times in the last six weeks (about a 45 minute drive from St. Catharines) and I haven’t spent a dime. For whatever reason, I’ve been afraid to spend money there.

Well, that was going to change tonight, as I made the pilgrimage once again after work. My first tournament of the year is on Saturday afternoon, as the first leg of the Niagara District Men’s Golf Tour kicks off from Ussher’s Creek Golf Club at the Legends on the Niagara (I know, a bit of overkill on the course name). I have some voids in my bag (mind out of gutter please) and was looking to GolfTown to fill my needs.

In order of priority, I need:

  • 3-wood (13 degree)
  • 2-iron Rescue-Mid (16 degree Tour Preferred Model)
  • Putter (Scotty Cameron Newport Series)
  • Driver

The strong 3-wood is a necessity for me due to my desired set makeup, which includes a four degree gap at most between clubs, with the notable exception of my wedges. I want to go with either a 9.5 or 10.5 degree Driver and the 13 degree 3-wood, then move on to the 16 and 19 degree Rescue-Mid’s (2-iron and 3-iron alternatives). These give way to my Taylor Made 300 Series irons (22 degree 4-iron through Pitching Wedge) and finally my two Cleveland 588 Series Wedges in 52 degree and 60 degree lofts.

I’m currently playing an old Nike 9.5 degree driver and I’m pretty satisfied with it. I don’t feel like I’m losing much distance with it but I might be sacrificing accuracy. I was lucky enough to play in a pro-am last year with former PGA Tour member Ray Stewart, a Vancouver, BC native. Ray suggested that I buy the Taylor Made R580XD and put the Aldila NV shaft in it: he said “you’ll have as much distance as the guys using the R7 and save a boatload of cash.” The R580XD has come down to $268.00 at GolfTown but I’m still on the fence because of my other needs.

I hit the Callaway Big Bertha 3+ Wood in both graphite and steel tonight on their simulator. The steel comes standard with a ‘Uniflex’ shaft, something that supposedly conforms to your swing speed. Sounds like hogwash to me and the results showed it, as I hit the graphite better than the steel. My launch angle was two degrees higher (11 degrees) and I was hitting that sucker 250 yards (232 average in the air).

I still didn’t pull the trigger.

I did end up buying a nice pullover for the cold days we’ve been having and also bought a sharpie and a new visor. Big whoop.

So, I still need the 3-wood before Saturday and now will likely look to my golf pro for that. I purchased their “Platinum Program” this year, a $100.00 fee that entitles me to 15% off all purchases in the shop for the entire 2005 calendar year. I also still need a new pair of golf shoes, as my old pair split apart near the toe on the weekend (of course the warranty has passed).

God I wish this game wasn’t so expensive.

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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