Meeting the Family

Well, I guess I have to call her my girlfriend now.

No more ‘lady friend’. ‘The girl’ probably isn’t appropriate anymore either. I’ve only been seeing Jacqueline for about a month and I typically keep things very quiet regarding my relationships. None of my friends have met her. My parents certainly haven’t met her.

How long I can keep this up is in serious doubt after having dinner with Jacky and her sister Andrea last night in downtown St. Catharines. Andrea lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband Todd (a former world-class triathlete who has competed with and defeated Lance Armstrong) and their 3-year old son Cole. She has been visiting her sister and mother since Sunday and I’ve been told that the first words out of her mouth upon seeing her sister at the airport were “where is this guy and when do I get to meet him.”

Well, the when part was last night, as the three of us had a great dinner together at Pow Wow Restaurant. We spent over three hours getting to know each other…okay, it was three hours of me getting grilled by Andrea!

All kidding aside, Andrea is just as fantastic as her sister and I think I made a pretty good impression on her. Okay, I know I made a good impression: she already was asking when the two of us could visit them in Colorado.

I wonder how the golf courses are in Boulder…

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado


  • And you are not going to get into trouble for what you wrote here? Then she is a keeper and the family too.


  • Well, first of all, she has no idea I keep a blog.Secondly, I don\’t think any of my comments above would make her upset, would they?She\’s a pretty laid back gal so I imagine that it wouldn\’t bother her either way.


  • Actually, if you\’ll remember, I actually lived in Boulder for 2 years and therefore know exactly how the golf is. Pretty damn good!Also, the ball flies further 🙂


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