The Tourist Wins…This Time

It’s been a busy 24 hours.

Friday night saw Toast, Harris and I playing a quick 18 holes after work. I was horrible on the front and scrappy on the back, as my nines of 43 & 37 would tell you. Toast played his best game of the year, shooting 77 while Harris was 84.

We then ventured out to the Casino for a bit of 3/6 action. It was an interesting session, to say the least. The table was extremely inviting, as money was literally flowing in the direction of Toast and myself for the first couple of hours. Up about $135.00 or so, I got into quite a bit of trouble when the big cards started coming my way…

Hand of the night: I’m dealt JcJh (my first pocket pair of the night) in late position and raise. Five callers later we see the flop come down 8,9,10 all diamonds. Lump develops in my throat. It checks around to me, I bet out and two guys call (first caller I make out to be a good player, second caller is a complete ‘donkey’, as Toast would say; however, this donkey had his lucky horseshoe with him all night). Turn card comes down as Qs, making my straight. Calling station bets, I raise, the other guy cold calls the two bets and the Tourist calls. River card is a freaking Queen of diamonds, meaning four flush cards on the board.

The tourist bets out. Now, here is where I make my mistake. First of all, minutes earlier, the guy to my left who’s still in the hand (the good player) has a conversation with me about this particular calling station, saying you can’t make bluffs at a 3/6 table while I nod in semi-agreement.

Back to the story: I now call the bet and say “I’m calling this just so you can see what I have”. When did I become the effing tourist for god’s sake? I can’t believe I would announce something so stupid. I’m basically admitting I don’t have a flush. Guy to my left RAISES and the tourist calls as usual. I decide I’m definitely beat now with two guys in the pot and muck my straight face up. Well, wouldn’t you know…the raiser has trip Queens only (!) and was “trying to bluff you guys” while the calling station had AcJs in the hole to take the pot with the same freaking straight I just gave up. It ended up being about a $90.00 pot that I should have split.

If you can believe it, things got worse.

The next four hands dealt to me were: 77, 99, AJs and AA. Un-freaking-real! I lost big pots on the 77 and 99 and out of frustration FOLDED the suited AJ! I was reverse tilting!!! The table was enjoying my theatrics (I kind of turned into Phil Helmuth for about five minutes…geez I must have been annoying last night). Then I get the wired aces. I raise and am promptly re-raised by an overeager Harris to my right.

“Let’s cap it”, I say.

5 callers (I loved this table).

Flop comes 10, 7, 3 rainbow. By this time, Toast knows what I’ve got (he’s folded already) and is trying to prop me up, saying “you’ve got this one”. When a tough old guy raises me on the flop, I fear a set. However, I’m unable to get away from the aces when the board never pairs and the guy indeed turns over trip 10’s. Just not my night.

I ended up losing only $58.00 on the night but it felt like my stack was taken from me at gunpoint. It felt like I was hit by a mack truck…I’ve never felt so dazed at a table in my life.

The irony is that when I was up the $135.00, I really didn’t have great hands. Hell, I won the first hand I played with 35 off-suit when no one raised my post. I hit some nice flops early and was able to take large pots the few times I won. Then I get good cards, don’t hit flops and lose all of my profit and more.

Harris was down a bit on the night but my buddy Toast was a huge winner again and is riding a fantastic streak. Only a fool would say it’s luck though: he plays an extremely tight brand of poker and he’s proving that his methods pay off handsomely at this level. Well done my friend!

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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