The Much Dreaded ‘Drop-In’

Well, my buddy Jay was off by a little bit regarding my placement at the first event on the Niagara District Men’s Tour. I ended up finishing in a tie for 18th place with my 79. 54 golfers teed off on the day with 3 others not starting so I’m in decent shape to start. You can check out the tour at the official website

The golf game was pretty brutal yesterday as I shot 82 at St. Catharines in the first gathering of the year for the normal Sunday gang. We usually have 8-12 guys out on Sunday’s and everyone throws in $20.00 for skins. Each of the foursomes usually play a Hollywood as well. I was a donator yesterday, losing $25.00 in total to start the year off on the wrong foot. I just played a bad round of golf. I have a lot of things to work on, that’s for sure. I planned on hitting the range after work today but I needed a day away from the game.

So I come home, throw some day old Duff’s Pizza in the oven and get comfy in my smelly workout shirt and Adidas shorts when I get a knock at the door. Now, I live in a condo building with the old buzzer entry so I must assume the person at the door lives in the building. Likely either the superintendent (not very likely though) or Harris, who lives in the building as well and may be looking to borrow last week’s episode of 24. I open the door and find the girlfriend standing in front of me.

“Surprise honey!”, she says.

Ah crap. I can’t tell you how self conscious I got when she walked in the door. I haven’t seen her since I went to dinner with her and her sister on Thursday night. They had a couple family functions on Friday and Sunday and I was busy with the golf tournament and my Mother’s Day dinner on Saturday. Of course, my place was an absolute sty, I probably reaked due to the fact I threw on the first shirt I saw upon coming home from work and probably had bits of pepperoni stuck in my teeth from the pizza I just finished devouring. I’ve only known Jacky for a month so I’m always trying to impress her; I started apologizing for my appearance and the state of my place. So what’s her response to all of this?

“I couldn’t wait until tomorrow. I’ve missed you so much.” And with that I got a big hug and kiss.

Talk about making my day!

Another big day tomorrow. I’ll have to get out of work a bit early tomorrow in order to make a 5pm dinner with Jacky and her mother, who I’ll be meeting for the first time. Jacky’s sister Andrea and her son Cole will also be there. Should be fun!

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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