A Rough Day but a McTastic Night

First things first.

I had a great night on Tuesday, meeting the lady friend’s mother and her nephew Cole for the first time. Jacky’s sister Andrea was also there as well, as we dined in Port Dalhousie, a small town outside St. Catharines that’s famous for the annual rowing regattas held there. After, we took the three year old Cole down to the lake to feed the ducks and then retired back to Jacky’s mom’s place for tea and ‘The Incredibles’. I’ve never seen the movie before but the first half was really good. I’ll have to check out the whole thing another time!

Lots of yelling and screaming at work today made for a tough day. I also had a meeting with a real estate agent friend of my father’s. It so happens that this same man is Jacky’s uncle. World = too small. Anyway, I got pre-approved for a mortgage today and am now looking at places with just a little bit of trepidation. Spending (and borrowing) a lot of money makes me nervous and things seem to be moving a bit too fast for my tastes…I’ll likely tell the guy I’m on more of a six month plan as opposed to a 1 week plan. I guess we’ll see how it goes.

I wanted to rid myself of the stress by hitting the links but the weather looked a bit ominous upon getting out of work. My normal partner in crime on the golf course, Toast, agreed that the potential for rain meant one thing: Poker is on!

First, we hit the golf club for some dinner to kill off a bit of our ‘credit’ – our club automatically bills every member $60.00 per month for food as a means of accruing revenue so we might as well make sure we get our money’s worth! We ran into my buddy Jay (from the Niagara Men’s Tour), who was there doing the same thing with his wife Laura and their adorable four year old daughter Olivia. I was in Jay and Laura’s wedding party last year so we’re pretty close and their daughter seems to be quite fond of me. She insisted on sitting at our table for dinner, wanted me cutting her food, etc. I think I’ll be a pretty darn good dad one day…

On to the Casino. Toast elaborated about the ineptitude of the staff in the poker room at his blog, as we had to wait around 45 minutes to get on a table while dealers sat around with nothing to do. Just a joke. Then, to top it off, they won’t even allow those waiting for a spot to sit down in the poker room: they make you wait outside like you’re 7 years old. But I digress…

They opened up a new table for the people on the waiting list so I was sitting with Toast again. He immediately sat down at seat 10 and I chose seat 8. Really tight table for the first hour or so and it really took awhile for things to heat up, as many of the early pots saw only two or three players taking the flop.

There wasn’t anything particularly noteworthy from my session, just good solid poker. I may have misplayed three hands all night: twice I slow-played ‘the nuts’ on the river, checking into the original bettors and hoping for the check raise, however, both times I got checked down. Only one time did I attempt an unsuccessful steal. On another note, Toast and I actually got involved in a few of the same hands, a definite rarity. He came out on top in the first while the second hand saw me win a decent pot from an unfocused Toast, who a hand earlier had taken down a hugely satisfying pot with QUAD ACES! I’d be dazed after hitting that hand too so we’ll let that one slip! The third hand I rivered a gutshot straight to the ace to take him down (I was on a flush draw I swear!).

At the end of the 3 hour, 15 minute session I was up $120.00, a total I’m quite pleased with. Toast continued his torrid pace at the tables, profiting another $106.00 to go over a grand in winnings in less than a month.

We end the night by stopping at a McDonald’s drive-through for celebratory milkshakes and get the most eager employee in Mickey-D’s history at the intercom. We didn’t get the requisite “Welcome to McDonald’s, may I take your order?” but got a long-winded introduction that almost seemed like it was computer generated. I’m paraphrasing, due to being stunned into laughter but it went something like “Welcome to McDonalds! We thank you very much for your patronage, as we’re nothing without our customers. Can I take your order?”. Toast and I just looked at each other while trying to suppress the chuckles. Then, he hands us the shakes and says “Have a McTastic evening!” Good lord I almost had tears coming down my face after that!

Good times.

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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