Slowly Coming Around

I think I’m pretty close to finding my golf swing again. I played Saturday and Sunday and shot 80 both days but the score doesn’t tell the story in either case. I was extremely fortunate to shoot the 80 on Saturday but deserved a much better fate on Sunday.

I hit 11 greens in regulation on Sunday but my 35 putts really held me back. I took out a Taylor Made Rossa putter for the round and just couldn’t make a thing with it. My short game was pretty lackluster throughout the round and it’s an area I’ll need to spend some time on. I’m never worried about that part of my game, as it’s usually my strength, so overall I am optimistic that I’m turning the corner. I actually birdied the first two holes of the day, giving me hope that a special round was forthcoming. However, it turned out that the special round was being played by my buddy Harris, who was in a three-ball with Toast and another friend, Ben. Harris broke par for the first time in his life, making a big putt on the 18th hole to shoot 71. To put this accomplishment into perspective, his previous best was 78!!! Great round Harris!

To celebrate, Harris, Toast, Ben and I made the trip down to the Casino to test our luck. After about an hour of waiting, I was placed on a table with Toast, who had already been playing for about 35 minutes and had taken a few bad beats. I was to Toast’s immediate right and was able to take down a huge pot really early in my session when my wired 4’s turned into a full house on the turn. Toast ended up hitting an ace high flush on the river and another guy had trip kings so I was able to rake in a monster when they hit their hands. Toast gives a pretty thorough rundown of the hand at his blog.

Pretty much the best table I’ve ever played at. There were these three gals who sat down and pretty much played every hand right to the end. Early in their session, two of them ended up in a showdown together and split a pot with King high – I think that was the moment that Toast turned to me and said he was calling his girlfriend to tell her he’d be a bit late for dinner! LOL!

I kid you not: after 14 hands, or an orbit and a half, I was up about $200.00. The cards eventually cooled off, as they always do, but I still ended the 3 1/2 hour session up $229.00.

What a great place!

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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