Collusion at the Casino

No posts in three days…boy have I been busy!

Thursday night was a pretty exhilarating one for Toast and myself. It certainly wasn’t because of my golf game, as I shot 44 for nine holes after work, my worst score of the year. Toast fared much better, shooting a 38 I believe.

The exciting part of the night was catching cheaters at the Casino later that night!

I’ll try to explain this as well as possible but it may be one of those situations where you had to be there to see it. Culprit #1 is sitting in seat #6 at the 3/6 table. Toast is directly to his left in #7 while I’m in #8. Culprit #2 shows up about 5 minutes later and sits in seat #5. The two guys, obviously friends, immediately go for a 20 minute “dinner”. No big deal, happens all the time.

The fun starts when they get back to the table. Things had been extremely tight considering the normal action a 3/6 table gets at this casino. Not so when these guys started with their game…

Basically, the guy in seat 5 played every hand preflop without fail. No biggie…happens all the time. Whenever the guy in seat 6 had a hand, he raised. Again, no biggie. You get your callers post raise with a couple folders, as per usual. However, EVERY TIME the guy in #6 raised, the guy in seat #5 re-raised and #6 subsequently capped it. 100% of the time. This essentially trapped all of those who called earlier.

Now this was pretty fishy in of itself but what made the whole thing definite was when the guy in seat #5 actually had to show down his cards. You see, his whole role in this game was to increase the pot for his buddy who had the good cards. However, sometimes the guy in seat five would actually hit a hand on the flop and be forced to stay in. In fact, he had to showdown three times. His hole cards in those three situations were 72o, 83o and 92o! He capped betting rounds with those hands.

I was on to this game relatively quick, maybe the fourth or fifth time they tried it and relayed my thoughts to Toast. He wasn’t so sure, thinking that the guy in seat five might just be some lucky maniac. I think Toast became sure when the guy took down a monster pot with the 7,2 offsuit. He ended up nonchalantly excusing himself from the table and went over to the pitbosses, asking what their thoughts were on collusion and cheating.

“We don’t appreciate it much, sir”, was the answer they probably gave him.

So, we now had eyes on the table and maybe the culprits could sense it, because they were quiet for about 20 minutes. Toast had cashed in and was waiting for me to finish up my session when the two pulled the stunt for the last time. I folded my hand and said “They’ve done it again, I’m out of here!”.

I’m not one to hold back my thoughts.

I wished everyone at the table good luck and went to cash in. After walking about 20 feet from the table, I was surrounded by casino personnel, asking what’s going on at the table, what exactly are the two guys doing, etc. So Toast and I are explaining the game and another guy from our table, who was sitting in seat #1, comes over and says “you guys saw them cheating too, right?”. The additional confirmation was pretty much all the casino personnel needed.

As we were leaving the poker room, all we saw were about four casino employees directly behind the culprits while they were removing their chips from the table. I don’t know if they were asked to leave or if they couldn’t take the hot stares but either way, it was a completely exhilarating experience for us. I just don’t understand why these guys didn’t change things up occasionally to put people off…there was no subtlety to their game whatsoever. Like I said, the betting was capped 100% of the time when seat #6 raised…why the guy in seat five didn’t occasionally just CALL or fold boggles my mind. Maybe they thought that people at a 3/6 game either wouldn’t notice or wouldn’t say anything.

They thought wrong!

Oh yeah, I ended the session down three dollars! The entertainment (which almost included a fist fight at the 1/2 No-Limit table) certainly was worth a lot more than the 300 pennies lost!

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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