World Series of Poker

The granddaddy of ’em all is underway in Las Vegas.

Incredibly, the 2005 version of the tournament, taking place at the Rio Suites & Resort, lasts for almost a month and a half! I find it very interesting to watch the results come in from the various tournaments to see how the big-name pros do. They’ll always have an advantage over the amateurs – hell, it is what they do for a living! However, the sheer popularity of poker has resulted in a huge influx of players making the trip to Sin City to give it their best shot.

One of those with stars in his eyes is a buddy of mine through hockey. Casey, the Rabid Pandas former goaltender, won a seat to the WSOP Main Event through a satellite tournament online. That seat is worth $10,000! Casey’s evidently been practicing non-stop for months in preparation for the tournament. The main event starts on July 7th and you can bet I’ll be following his progress.

In the meantime, I suggest that anyone interested in the WSOP go to the Card Player website for the tournament schedule and event results.

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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  • I watch poker on TV every night now. One carries a game almost every night starting around 10 or so. I also watch what ever they are showing on ESPN2. I went to the site link and they sure have a lot of tournaments; some are even affordable.


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