TSN Degree Poker Championship

TSN will be televising the Degree Poker Championship, a Canadian no limit hold’em tournament being held at the Fallsview Casino Resort just down the road in Niagara Falls. The East Regional qualifier started this morning at 8am.

It was free to enter the tournament but you were awarded a spot in the event based on a draw. Both Toast and I submitted an entry form but neither of us were lucky enough to get our names drawn.

However, there were an additional 100 seats available this morning on a ‘walk-up’ basis. Toast told me last night that he was likely going to try to get one of those 100 seats. He tells me that 500 people were there in the lobby of the Casino hoping to get in, making it a 1-in-5 shot to get entry…

Toast got in!!!

He begins play at 5pm at the Fallsview. I’m not entirely sure how things work but he’ll have to survive until 9pm for sure to get a chance to continue play tomorrow. If he survives that, he’ll join the West Region qualifiers on Wednesday and Thursday for the chance to reach the tournament finals that take place on Friday.

I’m going to fly down to the Casino after work today to check things out before my baseball and hockey games tonight (busy guy I am!).

Play well Toast!

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

One comment

  • Read about this on the Golf+Poker blog and was excited even though I don\’t know either of you. I will be waiting to find out what happens there.


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