I’m All-In!

Well, Toast was the one who pretty much lured me into online poker so it was natural that he be the one to pull me into playing No Limit as well.

Up until Monday, all of my play on Party Poker had been at the micro-level $0.50/$1.00 Limits. Toast, enchanted by the No Limit game during his Degree Poker Championship adventure, started playing more of the $25 N/L game on Party about a week and a half ago, with great results.

I started my poker playing days playing no limit but my game has regressed quite a bit due to the lack of practice. I’m modest enough to admit that Toast’s game is better than mine right now. And he proved it, taking me for about $20 or so in our first night of No Limit. My ‘moves’ were too easy to predict and he ate my lunch at the table. I ended up losing $35.00 that first night.

Last night was a different matter. I did some reading the night before and knew I’d have to change gears a bit to be able to handle the no limit game. I’d especially have to modify my game almost by the minute playing against a solid player like Toast.

The newfound strategy worked last night, as I made all of the lost money back from him. Actually, on one hand, I went all-in after the flop came down giving me a nut straight to the ace. He knew I hit the straight but correctly called me with his two pairs due to pot odds. Fortunately for me, the straight held up and I took down the relative monster. We try to avoid each other for the most part when playing at the same table but at a six-handed table, these battles become inevitable.

Overall, I made back $28.00 of the original $35.00 I lost the previous night in no limit and am up a pretty substantial margin on Party Poker as a whole (through my limit game).

This online stuff is fun!

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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