The Newlands Cup

I have to beg out of work a bit early today to play my first round match in the Newlands Cup Match Play tournament at the golf club.

The Newlands is the overall match play championship at St. Catharines G&CC, open to all male members of the club regardless of handicap. Full handicap is used in this event and my opponent today is a 10, meaning I have to give shots on 7 of 18 holes.

I am the defending champion of this event so I’m looking to repeat obviously. I’m feeling much better about my game these days, especially compared to one short week ago. My short game has really come along and I feel if I stay out of trouble, I should win the match today.

I’m going to be ultra conservative out there today: I’m not aiming for ANY flags today unless I’m inside a hundred yards – middle of the green only. My winning formula has always been to let the other guy make the mistakes; unfortunately, I got away from that formula during my Langley Cup loss from a couple weeks ago.

Should be a nice afternoon! Hopefully better than my hour and a half on Party Poker last night.

I got DESTROYED last night in N/L action. Just throttled. I misplayed one hand that cost me about $10.00 but the rest of the time I just got outflopped by inferior starting cards. Toast came back from his losses to me the night before, making me his b#tch on a number of occasions and singlehandedly taking about $30.00 from me when he flopped QUAD TENS versus my pocket aces. That hurt…a lot. But that’s poker for you. Gotta keep my head high and keep playing through the tough spells.

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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