Two More Days…

Club Championship is almost here! I’m even going to practice for TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW! First time for everything right?!

Of course, this all coincides with the busiest two-week stretch at work this year, as my warehouse manager is on vacation out in Western Canada. This means I have to open AND close the business everyday, meaning a workday of 6:45am to 7pm. I missed my baseball game on Monday because of this, which certainly isn’t a big deal.

The girlfriend has been understanding as well, which is a relief. I couldn’t make dinner on Tuesday but we went for a walk and an ice cream in Niagara-on-the-Lake, a beautiful little tourist town in the region. Last night I joined Jacky and her friend Jodi, who is visiting from Calgary, for drinks at ‘The Office’ in St. Catharines. Jodi was the last of Jacky’s good friends that I hadn’t met. Interestingly enough, Jodi is married to a former CFL great who was a three-time Grey Cup MVP. I’m not a big Canadian Football League fan but it’s still pretty damn cool!

Which takes us to Club Championship on Saturday morning. 7:39am tee-off time with Ben, Dr. Gary and another guy I don’t play with often. This is a great foursome for me, as Ben and Gary are two of the guys that could win this thing and I’m hoping I can motivate myself to stay with them. I’m going to work on my chipping and putting after work tonight to build my confidence there. Tomorrow, I’ll work more on the long game.

Toast is also playing in the tourney but doesn’t fancy his chances for some reason I don’t understand. He’s playing solid golf this month and I feel he’ll make the cut. As for my chances in the event, I feel that if I play ‘good’ (77-77) golf, I’ll make the cut. If I play ‘great’ golf (ie: 74-74 or better), I have a legitimate shot at winning. Now, what are my chances of playing good or great, you may ask? Maybe I’m overconfident but I give myself at least a 50/50 chance of making the cut. I’m not even going to think about winning right now: instead, I’ll construct a game plan and try to stick with it for at least the first round. I’ll re-evaluate Saturday night to determine how aggressive/conservative I have to be to stick around for Monday’s final round. The real key will be my short game; if I putt like I did at the Niagara Men’s Tour event at the beginning of the month, I’ll be fine. If I putt like I did this past weekend, I don’t have a chance in hell of playing on Monday.

It should be a fun weekend. I’ll likely go into detail about my game plan tomorrow night and post it here.

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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