I’ve Been Neglecting Everyone!

Sorry about the extended absence. My buddy Toast says I’m letting my readers down…

Where did I leave off? Ah yes, the Boulder vacation!

Sunday morning, Jacky and I accompanied Todd, Andrea and Cole to the town of Nederland. It’s a mountain town 8233′ above sea level and incredible 3000′ higher than the city of Boulder. We had breakfast at a place called the Sundance Lodge and Cafe and then all went hiking on the Switzerland Trail for an hour or so after. Just gorgeous scenery.

Monday saw Jacky and I go hiking with Hudson, the family’s german sheppard. I wish I remembered the name of the trail; memory is fuzzy after a couple weeks back at work I guess! I spent the afternoon wading around in the pool and getting a lovely sunburn in the fierce Colorado sun. Around 5pm, we get a call from Todd, saying he has the car and he’ll be coming home soon. He wants Jacky and I to keep Andrea occupied around 6:00 so she doesn’t see him arrive. So 6pm hits and of course, Andrea is staring out the window saying “Where the hell is Todd? He’s never this late!” I silently motion to Jacky to get her sister away from the window and of course my everything but subtle girlfriend SCREAMS at her sister: ANDREA!!!!!!! “My god Jacky, what’s the matter!”, is the reply. “Umm, do you have any Pepto Bismol?”, Jacky squeaks.

Do you have any Pepto Bismol!? Oh man. Poor Jacky just isn’t good at this stuff! While her sister shakes her head and moves toward the medicine cabinet, I shake my head while the girlfriend says “what was I supposed to do?”.

Somehow, Andrea didn’t see Todd pull in. He walks in the door and presents a little gift bag to his wife, saying it’s an early birthday present. Of course, three year old Cole wants to open the bag for his mom and proceeds to start pulling the wrapping tissue out of the bag. He chucks the key out of the bag as well and continues looking for something that’s just not there. “You got me a car?”, Andrea says upon seeing the key on the floor.

Todd had a big bow on the Audi too! She of course was pretty speechless and thrilled. They put their son in the backseat and went for a little family drive while Jacky and I hung back at the house. We ended up having soup and sandwiches for supper instead of going out because of all the commotion.

To be continued…

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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