No Rest for the Wicked

This summer has proved that one can indeed overextend themselves when it comes to work along with social and physical activities. I barely can breathe I have so little ‘down time’ but only have myself to blame.

My busy schedule has caused some conflicts with the girlfriend and it’s something I’m trying to work out. I’ll give you an idea of what my average week has looked like this summer. I work Monday to Friday until about 5:30pm or so. Monday night is baseball night with a co-ed team I’ve been playing with for a couple years. Tuesday nights and Thursday nights have been dominated with ball hockey games. Wednesday nights have been free for the most part but that’s the night Jacky plays golf with her friends. Friday night, she hangs out with her friend Shelly and her two kids while I usually work on Eastside Hockey Manager research (more on that in a future post) or hit the golf course for a practice session. I golf on Saturday and Sunday mornings and I almost always have at least one tournament round of golf every weekend (I think I’ve played 15 tournament rounds this year so far). Saturday afternoons I’m usually so dead tired that I take a nap. We play hockey almost every Sunday night. Throw in a couple hours of online poker in there too.

There’s just hasn’t been a lot of time with the girlfriend…

Now, I’m my own worst enemy here and don’t deserve an ounce of sympathy. I’ve got to cut back on the extra-curricular activities and I will. Baseball is a goner for sure and I won’t be playing volleyball this winter either. I’m also going to cut back on golf tournaments a bit too in order to lessen the load. However, I’m still going to get my two rounds/week in. Hockey isn’t going anywhere…hell, I’m Canadian…there’s got to be a rule somewhere saying Canucks can never stop playing until they die. I made all of these commitments before meeting her and don’t like to shirk on those promises I’ve made, hence me continuing with baseball.

I just won’t sign up again.

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado


  • You didn\’t even mention poker. Thing is though, poker fits in anytime so it doesnt need to be planned (yay). Gotta love instant gratification (masturbation).Good plan dropping baseball and volleyball next season though.


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