The Birthday Girl

No, not me…the girlfriend!

Today was officially her birthday…if I divulged her age, this most certainly would be the last post ever for yours truly! I say ‘officially’ because we’ve been doing stuff since last Friday.

As a start to the ‘birthday weekend’, I took Jacky to Toronto on Friday to the Eaton’s Centre to do some shopping. She had a blast going from store to store while I people watched from the outside. A lot of crazy people in the big city, let me tell ya! From there, we ventured to Jamie Kennedy’s Wine Bar for a real cool dinner. No, not Jamie Kennedy the actor; Jamie Kennedy the chef! She heard good things about the place and it lived up to expectations for both of us. We came home later that night and watched ‘Fever Pitch’ with Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon. Just a chick flick wrapped around a sports theme to get naive guys like me to watch it.

Meh, it was harmless enough I guess but completely formulaic. ** out of four from this reviewer!

I skipped golf on Saturday (!!!!!) and went hiking instead with Jacky to the Short Hills again. They have about 8 different trails in the park so we tried a different one this time. It was a gorgeous day and the hike was great. We then got dressed up and ventured to Niagara-on-the-Lake for dinner at a place called Roasters. Surprisingly great selection and really good food – I had a perfect ‘Brandied’ Peppercorn New York Strip while Jacky had the Roasted Chicken.

From there, we took in a play at the famous Shaw Festival. For those unaware of ‘The Shaw’, it is the only theater in the world that specializes exclusively in the plays of George Bernard Shaw and his contemporaries. A few years ago, they expanded this mandate to include contemporary plays set during Shaw’s lifetime as well as plays written during this period.

We saw ‘Bus Stop’ a 1955 play written by William Inge and later adapted into a famous movie starring Marilyn Monroe. It’s a story about a group of strangers on a bus who get stranded in an all-night diner during a Kansas snowstorm.

Now, you either like plays or you don’t. There aren’t too many out there that are ambivalent towards plays. I REALLY enjoyed the experience. The acting was tremendous (with one exception) and I especially enjoyed the fact that the plot was more about ‘interaction’ than ‘action’, if that makes any sense.

Topping things off, today we got together at Jacky’s moms house for some homemade chicken parm and pasta. I got her a few little things for her house and her office so she was thrilled.

Getting back to the Shaw, I can tell you that we’re definitely going back next year. They run nine different plays a season so I’d love to see about two a year. Unfortunately, any more than that and you’re out a whole whack of cash…it’s a relatively expensive night out, but one well worth it.

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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  • Hmm… your blog is starting to remind me of Daniel Negreanu\’s.You, like him, must work on your poker more these days.:)


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