A Trip to Casino Niagara

It’s been quite a long time since I made a trip to play cards at the Casino.

Toast has been needling me for MONTHS about my disinterest in playing live poker. Really, I AM interested, I just have other priorities in my life. Like the girlfriend. And golf…and hockey…oh yeah, work too! Hehe.

Well, I once again teased Mr. Toast about a possible trip to his favourite spot in the world on Friday night, since my lady was going to be hitting the town with a girlfriend for dinner. I stipulated that I wouldn’t be able to go until about 11pm because of ‘prior commitments’.

Haha. The Sabres game still takes priority!

Well, Toast was up for it regardless. So after watching my Sabres improve to 2-0 on the year after a 4-1 victory over Boston, we were off for some poker action.

Now, I hadn’t been to the Casino since late spring I believe. They have made a number of changes to the lower level at Niagara and it looks TREMENDOUS! First of all, they put a Sport Book in the Casino, with about 15 plasma TV’s in the one area and a bunch of other TV’s in the Horse Racing section. The place looks SWEET, but I was disappointed with the fact that they’re only offering a Casino version of PRO-LINE for sports gambling – three game parlays or more. I was hoping you could drop some money on ONE game but it’s just not offered there. Oh well.

They also put in a beautiful bar right beside the Poker Room so you have your choice of saddling up there or sitting in the Sports Book while you wait for a spot to open at the tables.

I sat in on a 3/6 Limit game last night. The first hour or so likely qualifies as the best run of cards in my casino gambling lifetime. Unfortunately, at the small limits I’m playing, it’s hard to really profit from the cards but I still did quite well.

In one 20 hand sequence, I saw FIVE POCKET PAIRS! And not just any pocket pairs: AA once, QQ twice and TT twice! And to show you how lucky things were for me during this sequence, I hit my set (three of a kind) in three of the five hands and a full house in one of the other hands!

Now THAT’S what you call being on a run!

Hand of the night sees me dealt the Queens (for the second time) in the SB. About six callers to me and I raise to $6. Everyone, of course, calls.

Flop comes down T53 rainbow. I bet out and get four callers.

Turn comes and it’s another beautiful lady. I bet my $6 and proceed to get raised from the lady UTG. She’s proven to be a tough player in the short time I’ve been at the table but I know I have the nuts so I’m not really worried. Everyone else folds and I reraise to $18.00.

She looks pissed but calls.

River comes down and it’s a King. I bet, she calls. Poor lady had pocket threes, a lower set than mine. I was actually behind on the flop but her slow playing tactic backfired…although I certainly wasn’t going anywhere if she raised a measly $3…one of the benefits of limit poker.

Either way, a nice pot for me there. I also won a big pot when I rivered a full house with pocket queens again, beating a guy with a lower boat.

It was just my night.

I ended the session up $146.00 in about 2 3/4 hours of playing time…not a bad hourly rate there! I may just have to go back again sometime soon.

Toast must be rubbing his hands together with glee!

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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