Happy New Year!

Wow…2006 is here.

I’m able to reflect on a fantastic 2005 very early on the first day of the new year. I just got back from driving my girlfriend to the Buffalo airport. She is flying down to Colorado to visit her sister, who will be having baby #2 in the next couple days. Jacky will be gone for two weeks.

So, I’ll be updating this site on a very regular basis for awhile in order to keep her updated on things here in St. Catharines, Ontario.

It was a pretty uneventful new years for us due to the fact we had to be on the road to the airport by 4:30am. We ended up going out with a couple of my friends for a steak dinner and then Jacky and I spent the rest of 2005 back at her place watching a couple episodes from season one of ’24’. If you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing ’24’, go out and rent the DVD of the first four episodes from season one and you’ll be hooked for life, I promise. Highest recommendation!

Thankfully, the weather cooperated for the drive to Buffalo. It was pretty messy earlier in the evening, with wet snow and slick road conditions. By 4:30am, the roads were clear and the temperatures were slightly above freezing (1 degree Celsius).

Recapping things from the last couple of weeks, I can say that Christmas was nice this year, as Jacky spent the holidays with my family. Lots of socks and underwear!

I’m pretty damn easy to please!

Our ball hockey team won its fifth championship, prevailing in the final game by a 6-1 score.

I even got to play about an hour of online poker during the holidays! It had been quite awhile for me but thankfully, I ended up on the plus side, winning about $50.00 during the short session. Gosh, I remember a time when I was a better poker player than my buddy Toast…that’s certainly not the case now. He’s been able to devote a lot of time to the game over the past six months and has improved at a much faster clip than I have. In fact, I’ve regressed quite a bit due to lack of practice. Maybe I’ll get a chance to play a bit over the next couple of weeks…

Now on the Tee’s favourite hockey club, the Buffalo Sabres, continue to win at a fantastic clip, and have improved their record to 26-11-2 on the season. My buddy Brandon and I will be heading down to HSBC Arena in Buffalo later today to catch some new year’s hockey action, as the Florida Panthers roll into town. I’m pretty pumped because the team is holding a big autograph session after the game for all ticket holders. I just received a great panoramic photo of the entire team that I’m looking to get signed and eventually framed for my currently non-existent home office. Looking forward to the game too!

Anyway, I’m off to get a couple hours of sleep. Hope everyone had a safe new years!

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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