STCGCC: Hold’em Tournament #2

St. Catharines G&CC held its second No-Limit Hold’em Tournament on Saturday afternoon.

It looked as if we’d have a slightly better turnout than the first event but two players flaked out at the last minute. Unfortunately, both of those players were recruited by yours truly: Dr. Gary and Harris.

Last time I ask ’em! Harris didn’t even call to say he wasn’t coming…

So, once again we had twelve players vying for $600.00 in prize money. This time, the top four players would be paid out under a 50%/25%/15%/10% structure.

We drew cards for a table and we were off. Initially, I loved the table I was at. I had a bunch of the guys who got knocked out early last week sitting with me and they didn’t look all that intimidating.

Looks can be deceiving…

Overall, there weren’t too many notable hands for me during event two. I really was card dead for most of the tournament but did a good job picking my spots. I was up to about $1600 from the original $1000 after profiting from hands like JJ and AQ. I slowly started getting blinded away when the cards went quiet but survived until we merged tables when we were down to eight total players remaining.

Unfortunately for my buddy Toast, he was the last victim before the merge, losing to the tournament maniac Dave. Toast had Dave dominated with his KT over Dave’s K4…

Of course, Dave hit his four on the flop and knocked the Toastman out early again.

I only had about $750 when we were down to the final eight so I was way behind the average chip stack at that point. However, the blinds were still managable at this point so I could afford to see a few hands before making a move.

I had picked up a few bucks when I raised UTG (under the gun aka: first position) with ATs and everyone folded. I was playing pretty tight and I was getting a bit too much respect overall, likely because I won event one.

I may have to play a bit looser next time…maybe showdown bad hole cards to get some future action.

A few hands later, I was in the BB with A7o. The chip leader at the table was playing super aggressive with his big stack and min-raised to $600. With $300 already committed and only about $700 left I felt this was likely my best chance to double up so I went all in.

I didn’t want the guy to call but he did. He had something like QTo.

Of course, the flop came down with a queen, pairing him. However, the flop was all diamonds and my 7 shared that suit. Neither of his cards were diamonds so I had a chance to hit a flush or win with an ace.

I didn’t have to wait long, as the fourth consecutive diamond came on the turn to give me the pot!

Little fist pump there and some ‘ooohs and ahhhs’ from the people gathered around the table watching. I was still in it and in really good shape now too with over $2000 in chips!

I was able to make it past the ‘bubble’ (when there are five players remaining and only four players get paid) and slip into the money. We were down to three players: ‘Killer’ was the chip leader for most of the event, ‘Brooksie’, who could also have been called ‘Tipsie’ for all the beer he was drinking, and myself.

Tipsie kept fumbling the cards, dropping them on the floor on multiple occasions. Funniest/scariest moment came with him dropping the cards for the upteenth time and saying to the guy to his left without looking down, “Better pick up those aces for me!”

Seriously, the cards that hit the floor were two black aces!

Lots of nervous laughter ensued…

There was also a tense moment when Killer tried to pull off a string bet on me. I could see the tournament director in the distance looking exasperated with all the crap going down and to be honest, I was frustrated as well. More because of Tipsie’s antics (putting his sunglasses on to be funny, dropping the cards, taking FOREVER to make decisions).

In the end, I was forced to put all my chips in with the awful hand of 93s (suited clubs) and Tipsie went all-in beside me. Killer, who had us both easily covered, called with his A8. I hit my 3 on the flop but Killer hit the ace. I was drawing dead when another ace hit the turn and the river changed nothing for Tipsie, so the Killer is the winner of event #2.

I won $90.00 for my third place finish and lead the overall point standings with my first and third place finishes.

Event three will take place on the Saturday after the Super Bowl.

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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