My Favourites: Golf Websites

The first ‘My Favourites’ post from Now on the Tee!

Our first subject is golf and I thought I’d talk about some of the interesting websites I frequent concerning the game.

Golf Club Atlas is a fascinating site devoted to the discussion of golf course architecture. There are sections on course design history and its evolution over the past century, interviews with noted architects, reviews of great courses across the world and much more.

The best part of the site is the vibrant discussion forum and it is frequented by many of the top architects in the world, most notably Tom Doak, who designed the much-heralded Pacific Dunes Golf Course in Bandon, Oregon. Pacific Dunes is rated in the top ten courses in the entire world. Canadian restoration expert Ian Andrew, who is behind all of the renovations at my club, St. Catharines G&CC, is also a major contributor to the forums.

I’m completely a lurker on the site and don’t even have an account set up there but my interest in course design, along with the effects design has on a player’s strategy is palpable. I visit this site every day.

The aforementioned Andrew has a blog he updates daily called The Caddy Shack. He talks about his thoughts on course design, his current projects and many other topics related to the game. He’s very strong-willed (he had been working under Canada’s most celebrated designer Doug Carrick for over 10 years and recently went out on his own due differences in design philosophy) and his posts make for entertaining reading. I check this out every day.

One other blog of note is from Robert Thompson, a columnist for the National Post, one of Canada’s national newspapers. Going for the Green gives his take on golf courses and their design while also discussing issues from the PGA Tour. Thompson used to maintain his own ‘Blogger’ site but sold out to (hehe) about a week ago. The site is now pretty ugly but the content is usually top-notch. I check out Thompson every couple days.

Mike Weir, everyone’s favourite Canadian touring pro, maintains his own website as well. It’s pretty in-depth and not only talks about Weir, but keeps up with all of Canada’s touring pros and their efforts. I especially enjoy his caddie’s comments before every tournament – Brennan Little (a good player in his own right) usually makes a post on the Wednesday of the tournament week and discusses the course, the state of Weir’s game and their strategies for the week. Really good stuff. I’ll check this site out usually later in the week and on the weekends.

Those are all the sites I visit on a regular basis. I also check out the following sites a bit less frequently:

St. Catharines Golf & CC is my home course’s page. It’s a private club located right in the middle of the city. I’ll go here more often in the summertime, mostly due to the fact that I’m the guy/sucker who books all the tee-times for the guys for the weekends. The site needs work, aesthetically speaking and both Toast and I have given some input to the higher-ups about possible improvements.

The Niagara Men’s Tour website keeps me updated on my position on the tour and contains scores and results of all the events. Follow along during the summer!

On weekends, I’ll always check out the PGA Tour Leaderboard on the official page, containing real-time updates. If Weir is playing, I’ll usually check his progress a couple times a day. If it’s a major tournament, I’ve usually got the page minimized in the background all day at work…don’t tell my boss! 😉

One of my readers got me hooked on The Reluctant Jam Boy, which details the adventures of a Virginia-based country club caddie. Absolutely inspired commentary here but he’s been inactive since January…I hope he gets back on the ‘posting horse’ when it warms up again.

A few other sites of note include the Golf Association of Ontario site, which has some good content and info on all the provincial amateur tournaments (I’ll be attempting to qualify for a couple this year…more on that in another post).

Lastly, a great site for checking out golf courses in Canada is Teeing it Up. The site has subsections for golf in Ontario, Niagara and Muskoka. Really handy!

So there you have it! Some day soon I’ll talk about golf instruction and the books I’ve read or tips I’ve received to improve my game.

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado


  • Hi Robert! Please don\’t take offense at my comments about the aesthetics of your new blog…I guess I just like the \’Blogger\’ template a bit better than your new address.Thanks for stopping by and keep up the excellent work. It makes for great reading.


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