Tales from the Birthday Boy

On Thursday March 30th at about 5:25pm, I hit my first golf shot of the 2006 season.

My four iron off the first tee at St. Catharines G&CC got about a foot and a half off the ground and rolled a little over 100 yards right down the middle of the fairway.

Laughter ensued from my partners Toast and Harry.

Our course had opened the day before and it was great to finally hit that first shot of the year. When I stop playing golf, I REALLY stop playing. I hadn’t hit a shot in almost five months and it showed, as I made a triple bogey seven on the first and ended up shooting about a 45 for the nine.

That first round out is really about trying to get some sort of rhythm back and I started hitting the ball really well by about the fourth or fifth hole. I was just striping my driver long and dead straight, which is nice for the first time out. The putting and chipping will take a bit more time but that’s to be expected.

I’m looking forward to our first full 18-hole round of golf Sunday morning. Should be fun!

I celebrated my 33rd birthday today with a trip to Golf Town with my extremely patient girlfriend. She bought me a gorgeous painting of the par-three 7th hole at Pebble Beach that I’ll be hanging in my office and I also bought a sweater while I was there. I need shorts for my Florida trip but I wasn’t keen on anything GT had to offer so the search continues.

We also looked at some more houses and found an interesting one in St. Catharines (ranch style, really nice piece of property). We were able to schedule a walk-through for tomorrow after my round of golf so I’m pretty pumped about that too.

We topped the night off with a fantastic dinner at Mai Vi, the phenomenal Vietnamese restaurant in downtown St. Catharines. They have a tremendous shrimp and mushroom wanton soup for an appetizer and I had the Roasted Chicken in a Spicy Curry Sauce for my entree, one of the house specialties.

Highly recommended!

I then saw my night go into the crapper when the bloody Toronto Maple Leafs destroyed my Buffalo Sabres 7-0 on Hockey Night in Canada. Just a humiliating defeat for the struggling swordsmen, who looked completely lost out there.

When you’re getting outworked and outclassed by the Leafs, you’re in big trouble…

Oh well. They have eight games to get their act together before the playoffs.

I’ll report back with the details of my first real round of golf in ’06 sometime tomorrow!

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