Masters Week is Upon Us!

The start of the golf season for me historically has always coincided with the start of The Masters, the finest golf tournament in the world.

However, the mild early season weather here in the Niagara Region has meant an earlier start than normal and I was on the course for my first full round of golf on Sunday morning.

I shot a solid 39 on the front with only 14 putts and a number of nice up-and-ins from around the greens. The good fortune ran out on the backside, starting with a three putt double bogey on my nemesis hole at St. Catharines, the par-three twelfth. I then proceeded to knock two balls out of bounds on the next hole, making a triple bogey in the process on my way to a 43 on the incoming nine and an 82 overall.

My ball striking was a bit loose and my putting was pretty horrible on the back nine but I’m pleased overall with the early season results. I didn’t make a birdie on Sunday, missing a couple five footers on 15 and 16 but those putts will eventually fall. I’m more concerned with fundamentals early in the season and I seem to be okay there.

I’m going to attempt to maintain some statistics here on the site during the season. Toast was wondering about a good software program on his blog at Golf + Poker.

I’m trying out StatDoctor right now. It seems to have a lot of options and offers some rudimentary analysis as well. Check out the free ten round demo program right here.

The house hunting continued on Sunday with an appointment at the ranch-styled house in St. Catharines. VERY disappointing walk-through, as the place was a complete project inside. The owners of the house have done nothing with the place and treat it with absolutely no respect – it was bar none the dirtiest upscale house I’ve ever seen. I kid you not when I say the place would need about $100,000 in renovation work just to make it livable for Jacky and I.

Maybe new is the way to go…

I’ll be back soon with some more from the Muskoka vacation of 2003, specifically our trip to Ron Garl’s visually spectacular Taboo Golf Course.

One comment

  • MY game is not going to come around very fast and it is not just the early season problems. It has to do with a five or six year layoff and now every thing has changed since I am 55 lbs smaller since mid January. I played yesterday and there were some bright spots but not many.


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