Mickelson Wins the Masters…Yawn

Ian Andrew wrote about the changes at Augusta National earlier this week and the adverse effect they’d have on the excitement factor for the Masters this year.

I was going to make a comment on his blog disagreeing with him, thinking that the Hootie Johnson-led committee always seems to be able to tweak things on Sunday by switching tee boxes and utilizing more accessible pin placements.

Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

What a snoozer of a golf tournament this year. Part of it is because of my dislike for the overly smug Mickelson but there was so little to cheer for this year it was borderline shocking.

It was just missed putt after missed putt for all of the contenders. I’ve never seen Tiger miss so many crucial putts. And the Freddie Couples three-putt from 5 feet on 14 was heartbreaking for me and pretty much ended any hope of a battle down the stretch.

Guess I’ll have to wait for the British Open (the REAL Open Championship) for some thrills.

I played golf this morning for the second time this year with Toast and Harry, shooting my second consecutive 82. Way too many mistakes today, as I made four doubles and had to take four penalty strokes during the 18 hole round. I made a couple birdies during the round and my putting stroke was good but I had a lot of near misses (three lip-outs).

I took out a Taylor Made R7 425 today as well but was fighting the lefts all day. The non-TP version is set about a degree closed and it just didn’t fit my eye. My pro says the TP may be in soon so I’ll hold out until that comes in.


  • I know about the lefts! When it starts going left I choked down on any club I\’m hooking. It gives control of club back to me.


  • It\’s good advice and gripping down is something I do almost 100% of the time with my irons for better control. It\’s worked wonders for my game.I don\’t grip down often with the driver but may have to give it a shot if the \’lefts\’ continue.Thanks for reading!


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