Calling My Shot

My golf game has been really ugly thus far but thankfully, the rounds I’ve played are all considered ‘pre-season’ games.

The real season begins tomorrow morning.

Basically, Canada’s official golf season starts on April 15th for handicap-tracking purposes so the four rounds I’ve played so far this year don’t count against my index.

And for a guy who’s looking to improve on a 1.6, that’s a good thing considering the way I’ve been scoring early on. I made four unsightly double bogeys on the way to an 84 today. Four more penalty strokes.

Enough is enough. I’m calling my shot right now.

I’m going to break 80 tomorrow.

If I make good on my promise, there is no punishment. If I fail, well…I’ll do something extremely painful…

I’ll go to the driving range.

That’s SEVERE punishment!

The fiance is now safely in Boulder, Colorado visiting her sister and her family. I haven’t had the chance to talk to her since she arrived, missing both of her phone calls. Jacky, if you read this, LEAVE ME YOUR SISTER’S NUMBER!!! I’ll call you!!!

Had a nice Easter/Birthday/Engagement Celebration dinner with my parents and sister tonight at the Blue Mermaid, a fancy steak and seafood joint in St. Catharines. Really nice night with the family, as we hung out after in the lounge, listening to the piano player while having a few drinks.

I’ll report again tomorrow with the results from the golf game.

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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