Blogging is Hard When You’re Planning a Wedding

Sorry for the lack of updates lately.

I’ve been engaged for over a month now and we STILL haven’t set a date for the wedding. It’s been a very frustrating process, trying to satisfy both my fiance AND my meddling parents.

In the end, it’s Jacky who should get the final word, not the parents so we’re going to be drawing a line in the sand right now.

The issue of the day is where we hold our reception. The problem is finding a place for October of this year and that has proven to be extremely difficult. We found that the Pillar and Post, a lovely hotel in Niagara-on-the-Lake, is available for October 14th but my parents are DEAD SET against that place.

Why you ask?

Well, it’s because the Pillar and Post doesn’t do business with my company. In fact, there was a pretty strained parting of ways about 8 years ago and we’ve done nothing with them since. My father is strongly against spending one cent in that facility due to all of this.

I understand, in a way but this is my wedding and when time is a factor, beggars can’t be choosers.

We HAVE to book something in the next five days and if they continue to be petty about this, I’m going to threaten them by saying we’re going to elope.

That’ll fix ’em!

In other news, Now on the Tee’s favourite hockey club, the Buffalo Sabres, advanced to the NHL Stanley Cup semifinals by defeating the #1 seed Ottawa Senators in only five games.

There is something magical happening in Buffalo this year…

I’ve already committed to tickets for the rest of the playoffs so I’ll be there right to the end. The city of Buffalo has never won a major sporting championship so the city is rallying behind the team like never before.

Bring on the Carolina Hurricanes!

I actually ventured to Casino Niagara with my buddy Toast on Friday night and played No-Limit for the first time in a Casino. After being down about $50.00 early when my AK lost against pocket jacks, I was able to take down a HUGE pot when I picked up pocket tens and the flop came down ten high (with two clubs on the board) for a beautiful set. I was raised $40.00 on that flop and pushed all-in.

I was called by a chap holding the less than stellar hand of J5, suited clubs. He didn’t hit his flush, thankfully, and even if he did, I ended up hitting a full house on the river that would have won it for me regardless.

That was a $234.00 hand!

I lost a few hands late in the night but ended the evening up $101.00. Good stuff!

I played golf on Saturday and Sunday morning and came through with solid scores of 77 and 76 respectively.

My putting has really come around after a couple of posture tweaks, as I had only 26 putts on Saturday and 28 putts on Sunday – both EXCELLENT numbers. My ball striking has been very inconsistent early on but one of my playing partners yesterday noticed that I wasn’t really finishing my swing on iron shots. I made the necessary adjustments and hit the final four greens in regulation after only hitting an ugly THREE through my first 14 holes.

Thank goodness for my short game right now!

I also placed an order for a new driver: I’ll be getting a Taylor Made 425TP, with a Fujikura Re-Ax 65g Shaft and 9.5 degrees of loft. There was a club fitting day at St. Catharines last week and I was just pounding the ball with this club in conjunction with an uncommon weight configuration on the clubface (these clubs have movable weights on the bottom of the head and the T.M. rep indicated that my optimal configuration was pretty rare).

Exciting times ahead both on and off the course!

I promise to do that PGA Village recap shortly, just for you Harry!

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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