Victoria Day Weekend

Canada celebrated Victoria Day on Monday, a national holiday in this country, which meant an extra day of golf for yours truly.

It was a horrible weekend, weather-wise, in southern Ontario. Temperatures hovered around 8-10 degrees (45-50 degrees on the fahrenheit scale) with winds gusting to well over 30 miles per hour on each day.

It was bitter cold to say the least.

I played with Gary and another chap on Saturday morning and battled my way to a crappy 80.

Sunday was a different day, scoring-wise.

Easily the worst weather we’ve played in this year and I decided to put together one of the best rounds of my life. I had the winter mitts on in-between shots to stay warm but a hot putter and excellent iron play was likely enough to keep me toasty, as I went bogeyless for the FIRST 16 HOLES, with one birdie and 15 pars!

Alas, my four-iron into the 206 yard par three 17th got taken by the wind and swept into a greenside hazard and I made double bogey for my first blip of the day. A failed up and in on 18 resulted in a bogey and a round of 74.

It felt almost as good as my 68 from last year.

On Monday, I hit the ball horribly but made almost every putt I looked at and shot 78. I had an incredible 11 putts on the back nine and 25 overall, including a three putt!

Maybe Harris is right…maybe I AM just a lucky-ass, grinding hacker.

That’s okay though. I’m quite happy being the lucky-ass hacker who CONTINUALLY destroys his glove cleaning butt in skins every week! 😉

How about a putting tip??? I made a posture adjustment last week on the greens and it’s working out tremendously well.

Basically, I’m bending more at the hips with a straight back rather than slouching plus I’m using my shoulders rather than my hands when stroking the ball.

I also feel like my eyes are right over the ball now too after a tip from Ryan, one of the assistants at the club. He told me to take a CD or DVD and put it on the ground. Take your setup position and assuming the ball is the hole in the CD, your eyes should be right in line with the hole.

It’s a great tip and it showed that my eyes were WAY outside the intended target line. Try it…this works wonders!

Another busy week coming up. The Sabres come home for games three and four of the NHL Eastern Conference Finals and I’ll be there for both contests.

I’ll also be getting in an evening practice round at Rees Jones’ Grand Niagara Club with Harris, Gerry and Jay in preparation for the second event on the 2006 Niagara Men’s Tour, which takes place on Sunday afternoon.

I’ll have a preview of that event up by Friday or Saturday at the latest.

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