A Week in the Life of a Groom-to-Be

Where have you been Now on the Tee?

You won’t hear me complain, as I know there are PLENTY of people who lead busier lives than I but here’s a quick recap of how things have gone since I last wrote.

Tuesday May 30 –
I worked until 5pm or so but Jacky and I had to cancel our 6pm appointment with a wedding photographer tonight because of game six in the Buffalo Sabres/Carolina Hurricanes series. Since Jacky was exhausted from all the planning, she passed on the game and I took my buddy Brandon instead. We both missed our ball hockey game as well. The Sabres won in overtime to extend the series to a seventh and final game.

Wednesday May 31 –
I worked until about 5:10pm and quickly ventured off to West St. Catharines to meet with my realtor at a house Jacky and I were interested in. We had walked through the place on Monday night but wanted to take a second look before placing an offer. We both brought our parents for the inspection – everyone LOVED the place. Great neighbourhood, good schools, beautiful home…it has it all. After about an hour, Jacky and I went to the realtor’s office to prepare an offer on the place. Very, VERY exciting!!! We gave the sellers 24 hours to accept our proposal. We got home around 9:30pm and watched the George Clooney-directed film ‘Good Night, and Good Luck’. Very interesting piece and it makes me want to learn more about Edward Murrow, the newscaster who essentially helped end McCarthy-ism.

Thursday June 1 –
Work until 5:30pm. Pick up Jacky at home and head off to the realtor to check out the counteroffer. I was pleasantly surprised that it was lower than anticipated but with two disappointments – they rejected our wish to have the brand new washer and dryer included in the deal and also had scratched out our clause regarding ‘Condition of Sale’. Jacky will have to sell her house and wants to try to do it privately for about a month; this way, we don’t have to pay realtor commissions. Of course, the seller wasn’t comfortable with us selling without a realtor’s help and scratched the clause but reduced the price a bit more to compensate.

We weren’t concerned about the clause anyway, having built in a nice buffer with a 90-day closing date so no problems there. I still wanted a bit more money though and instructed our realtor to ask for $1500.00 more…it was maybe cheap on my part but it’s $1500.00 that I can use for the wedding.

Of course, the seller’s realtor says her client will not go any lower on price. We come back and say the price might be good if they threw in the washer and dryer (they’re actually worth more than $1500). She says she can sell that concept better than taking money off the deal and will get back to us the next day. We take off around 8pm, eat some dinner then I head off to a 10pm ball hockey game.

Friday June 2 2006 –
I got the call from my realtor at about 9am. “Matt, start packin’!”

I have purchased my first home!!!

Jacky and I talk a bit during the day about getting her house ready as quickly as possible to sell it privately. Her mom came over Friday night to help us clean the place up. I had another ball hockey game at 8pm but when I got back at 10pm or so, EVERYTHING was spotless!! We pounded the ‘For Sale’ sign in the lawn that night and hit the sack.

Saturday June 3 2006 –
Just a ridiculously busy day. This weekend, the golf club is holding its qualifying rounds for the Niagara Cup competition. If you’ve followed my blog since the beginning, you’ll remember that I represented St. Catharines G&CC last year on the team and I certainly wanted to make it again this year. However, other commitments necessitated me missing Saturday’s qualifying round, leaving me with only one opportunity on Sunday to make the squad.

I woke up at 7:30am and made it to my buddy Dave’s house to help him move into HIS new house. Around 12:30pm or so, I had to leave in order to do the lawn work at Jacky’s house in order to pretty it up before having people through. However, it was POURING RAIN and I wasn’t able to cut it right away. Jacky and I had an appointment with noted photographer Stephen Dominick at 4pm in Niagara-on-the-Lake. I liked him a lot – he’s extremely talented and I like his shooting style but I think he may be a bit too expensive…we’ll see.

From there, we had to go to mass. Jacky and I are both non-practicing Catholics but it’s important for her to have our future children baptized so we’re having the church wedding with a priest. Mass ended at 6pm and then we met with the priest for the first time around 6:15pm. It went pretty well – we will have to take ‘marriage classes’ but that’s just a weekend commitment these days so no problems there.

From there, Jacky and I headed to Niagara Falls for dinner with my friends Brandon and Donna. We were hoping to hit the Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouse (great, lively place) but it was packed so we settled for the Keg instead. We ended the night with coffee at their place and got home around 1am.

What a day!

Sunday June 4 –
I must applaud the fact that the club has done EVERYTHING to allow a bunch of members enough time to qualify for the Niagara Cup – after hearing a number of us had conflicts, they decided to allow qualifying over FOUR ROUNDS, both this weekend and next. Great for everyone else but still bad for me, as I have a Niagara Men’s Tour event on Saturday next weekend and the annual pilgrimage to Bradford, Pennsylvania for the Rolling Rock Better Ball Tournament next Sunday.

So this would be the only day I could post a score in hopes of qualifying for the Niagara Cup team.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of rust on my swing these days and I proceeded to bogey SEVEN of the first nine holes to go out in a disappointing 43 shots. I finally showed some life on the short par five tenth, chipping in from just off the green for my first eagle of the year to get back to +5 but it just wasn’t to be on this day. I double bogeyed the tough par five 15th and bogeyed 17 as well to shoot a 37 on the back and an 80 overall, not good enough to make the team I’m sure.

There is a better than average chance I’ll be a captain’s pick but I wish I had the chance to earn my way on the team. Oh well…can’t win them all.

I had lunch and then sped home to get ready for an afternoon of working on our wedding registry! Supposed to be a lot of fun! I walk in the door and see a couple of younger gals walking through our house. Wow…that was quick!

They really seemed to like it and said they’d call back sometime. Well, sometime came about 10 minutes later. They wanted to come back in the NEXT HALF HOUR with their parents (the girls were sisters) to show them our place.

No shower for me yet! Can’t mess the place up! So twenty minutes later, we had the girls and their parents walking through. Nice family and a perfect client for us, as the girls had no financial worries and had no house to sell themselves. They said they were VERY interested and would be in touch soon.

I was finally able to take my shower and when I got out, Jacky told me the girls had called THREE TIMES with offers on the place. Jacky refused to budge even a nickle on the price, knowing that we were selling at a very competitive price (due to not working through a realtor).

“I’ll take it!”

We sold the house only a day and a half after nailing in the ‘For Sale’ sign, with NO marketing help whatsoever! Unbelievable!!! The girls were willing to move in whenever it was convenient for us, meaning we can possibly move into the new house quicker than anticipated! Fantastic!

We didn’t have enough time to do our registry though so we just kind of scouted stuff out. We went over to Jacky’s mother’s house for dinner with a couple relatives and to go over the final design for the bridal shower invitations. Thankfully, I just had a couple beers while the girls went over that stuff! Finally some time to relax! We got home around 8:30pm and watched ‘History of Violence’ with Viggo Mortenson. Well made but very different.

Monday June 5 –
I worked until about 2:45pm and left early in order to meet with my house inspector at our new place. He had already been there for a couple of hours and continued to work until about 4:15 or so. I got a chance to meet one of the sellers (the wife) while I was there. Everything seems to be in order at the house, although the inspector says to keep an eye on the roof (cedar shakes), and the furnace and A/C units (getting close to end of their life). Not unexpected…

From there, I headed over to my parents place to brief them on what’s happening with the wedding and ended the night with Jacky at Canadian Tire to do that part of our registry. Barbeques and lawn mowers, here we come!!!

Tonight is more of the same, as we go to The Bay to do that part of the registry (china, housewares, etc).

I need more sleep.

PS: I still will talk about the Grand Niagara Men’s Tour stop – maybe my next post!


  • Mazel Tov on the houses Matt. Which sweater vest store will be on the registry?


  • I enjoyed catching up on all your events; what a busy time. Sounds like it all went well. We just returned from a two week thing in Pa, Oh, and Ky so it was nice to have a play by play like that. Our try at a new place didn\’t go as well so we are still stuck here in FL.


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