The ‘Ole Langley Choke

I was ousted from the Langley Cup last weekend, the club’s 0-7 Match Play competition. I lost 2&1 to fellow 4-handicapper Brian but was lucky to even take it that far.

I shot a horrendous 82 while he countered with a relatively solid 78 but obviously score is meaningless in a match play event. I just couldn’t make the routine pars necessary to put pressure on him and lost the match when I couldn’t make a simple up and down from in front of the 17th green.

Oh well, maybe next year. šŸ˜¦

I got out to East Aurora CC again on Monday afternoon with my buddies Gary, Harris and Dave. It was their first time at EACC and they fell in love with it on first sight, just like Toast and I did. I bettered my score by two shots from the previous visit, shooting 79 but I’m starting to lose the putting stroke at a very bad time.

The dreaded yips have slowly crept back into my hands and I’ll have to get some practice time in tomorrow after work to get them out of my system. I’ve got to get the shoulders working as opposed to the hands – that’s key for me. The swing is still out of sorts as well, as I’m having a heck of a time hitting the driver straight now. I just really suck right now.

And here I thought I was due for a breakout…

In other news, our club is hosting the Ontario Women’s Amateur Championship this week. I’ve been able to get down to the club over the past couple of days to catch some of the girls in action. There are some real players out there – one gal shot a 69 today and the leader is -2 through two rounds. Good shooting!

The best story is recent Canadian Golf Hall of Fame inductee Marlene Streit, who made the cut at 74 years young playing mostly against girls a quarter her age. Incredible!

You can follow along at the GAO website here.

Another big tournament weekend coming up. I’ll be in action at Willo Dell on Saturday morning for the second leg of the Niagara Cup. We’ll be playing a two-man best ball format for this event and I’m still awaiting word on my partner. My guess is either Andy or Gary – both are great players.

Then on Sunday I head to Hunters Pointe for the fourth event on the Niagara Men’s Amateur Tour. I’m currently sitting 18th overall on tour and will be looking for a top-ten finish to solidify my spot on tour for next year. It will be tough the way I’m swinging and stroking right now but I will have to get the band-aids out and do what I can.

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