Looking for a Honeymoon Locale

As you’re all likely aware, I’m getting married at the end of October and I am looking to take the future wife on a nice 10 day honeymoon a couple days after the wedding. I’m wondering if anyone who visits here has been to an exotic place that exceeded expectations…

I was leaning towards the Pacific side after being under the false impression that the Atlantic and Gulf side will be smack in the middle of hurricane season in November. Now that I know that the hurricane season is over by then, I can now look at the Caribbean as well.

Some places I’ve scouted out include:

● Kauai (Princeville looks really nice but expensive)
● Maui
● Fiji
● Bora Bora
● Cabo St. Lucas
● Nevis and St. Kitts

A couple of important things to note. My sister wants to pick up the tab for the honeymoon, an extremely gracious (but overwhelming for me) gift. She insists on us flying business class the whole way, which is fine since she has air miles coming out the wazoo from all the travelling she does through her business. So money isn’t necessarily the biggest factor…

However, that being said, I don’t want to get out of hand with the hotel we stay at because when my sister ends up getting married, I’d like to do something similar for her.

So, does anyone have any suggestions or positive experiences to talk about? Even if it’s in a different area of the world then where I’m looking?

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado


  • I have a van down by the river for rent for very cheap cost if you like. In all seriousness, I\’ve only ever been to the Dominican as far as warm destinations go so I can\’t chip in, sorry.


  • Check out Belize. Unbelievable place to go, but can be expensive. Cabos is amazing too. Also take a look at spain or portugal. They are closer than you think even though they are in europe. probably a 6 hour flight, which all the places you mentioned are anyways. Plus they are not that expensive.


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  • I see you are looking at Nevis as a possible honeymoon spot. I also notice that you seem to like Golf. Nevis has one of the best courses in the Caribbean. A Robert Trent Jones II course is at the Four Season in Nevis. If you would like more information on Nevis check out my Nevis website at http://www.nevis1.com or my Nevis Blog at http://www.nevisblog.com/?p=3 Nevis is a great island, I have been there 20 times, and enjoy it more every time. Hope you can check out Nevis.Cheers


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