The Best Thing in the World – Business Golf!

Oh hell yeah!

I might get only one or two chances a year to play golf with one of our clients or suppliers. Tomorrow is one of those days.

I’m travelling to Guelph tomorrow to play the Stanley Thompson-designed Cutten Club, a lovely private course where one of my supplier reps is a member. I’ve never had the chance to play there so I’m really looking forward to the experience. Should be a great day!

The honeymoon is booked and we’ll be spending ten nights at the Princeville Resort in Princeville, Kauai.

Jacky and I actually narrowed it down to Princeville and the Maldives, a remote island on the Indian Ocean. It would have been pretty exotic but the flight costs would have been a killer for my sister, who just closed the deal on a new house in the extremely swanky Rosedale area of Toronto.

So Princeville it is, which means I’ll get a crack at the resort’s Prince Course, a top-100 in the world track according to both Golf Digest and Golf Magazine. I’ll be bringing my camera for that one!

I played golf on Friday night with the crew (Harry and Toast), a rare treat this year. I shot 77, which is a pretty solid score for me this year but didn’t hit the ball very well. 28 putts helped, that’s for sure. Toast and I hung out afterwards on the patio and drank a couple tasty Stellas before going our separate ways.

Saturday was pretty depressing. It was absolutely pouring out and Gary and Toast, my playing partners, walked in after nine holes, leaving me on the tenth tee contemplating finishing my round all by my lonesome. I lowered my head and went inside instead, grabbed some breakfast and watched a bit of the Open Championship.

I HATE nine-hole rounds with a passion…it’s like a waste of two hours in my opinion.

Later that night, Jacky and I frequented a new restaurant on Hartzel called ‘Echoes of Asia’, where they serve Thai/Vietnamese cuisine. I had a tasty dish called Chili Seafood Stir Fry – I still like Sahla Thai and Mai Vi better but Echoes is pretty good too.

We topped the night off by seeing Pirates of the Caribbean II. I absolutely loved part one but I must say that I am pretty ambivalent about the second installment. Way too long and devoid of sound plotting, this movie is basically an exercise in moving from action setpiece to action setpiece. Johnny Depp is excellent again, however and is worth ** alone for his performance. Overall, ** 1/2 stars out of four from this reviewer.

We had twelve guys out on Sunday for the $10.00 skin game plus I had a side game with Bernie, one of the top players at the club. He’s a multi-time club champion at St. Catharines and recently rejoined the club after a two-year absence.

For the second consecutive week since his return, I got into his pocket, shooting another 77 to beat him 2&1. I also won two skins and was up in the Hollywood game to profit an incredible $45.00 on the day! Best haul ever I think!

I’m starting to hit the ball a bit better, as I hit 9 of 13 fairways on Sunday and am consistently hitting 9+ greens in regulation as well. My putting was a bit off on Sunday (32 putts) but I feel pretty good over the ball these days in all aspects of the game. Club Championship is in two weeks and I’m looking to make a statement this year.

My game has been generally pathetic this year – my hot putter has been the only thing keeping my scores reasonable. I’ll never hit the ball as long as a guy like Harry but if I can just keep the ball in play and get some consistency with my irons, I should be able to make the cut again this year and perhaps fight for a top-three finish in the open flight. I’ll have my buddy Jay on the bag for the second consecutive year so it will be a fun weekend regardless of score.

I’ll try to take a couple photos out at Cutten tomorrow and post them here, along with my impressions of the course.

Oh yeah, I never talk about it anymore here (much to Toast’s chagrin) but I’ve been playing some online poker recently. I’ve been playing $1/$2 limit for the most part and pretty successfully too. Toast challenged me to move up to $2/$4 and after being up big after an hour, I promptly got spanked for my entire buy-in of $60.00. I came back again tonight though and won $113.00, putting me up $53.00 overall at the higher limit.

I’ll likely head back to the $1/$2 games until I get up to $1000.00, which I feel is a reasonable bankroll for the $2/$4 game. Keep in mind I said reasonable, NOT optimal! I’ve got a little over $600.00 right now on the site from my original $100.00 so I’ve got a ways to go.

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