Trash Talking is a Must!

I just got invited to play in one of Harry’s big fantasy football leagues today. You know it’s going to be a fun league when it’s titled ‘Trash Talking is a Must 2006’.

These guys are seriously hardcore. Harry wakes up about 6:00am on Sunday mornings, puts his little football jammies on and rushes downstairs like a kid on Christmas morning (or Hanukkah if your last name is Boselaberg). This guy starts watching the NFL Network at 7am on game days just to stay ahead of his fantasy competitors and is aghast that someone would even CONSIDER playing golf on a football Sunday.

I think they’re all like this. Bunch of freaks!

These guys STUDY this stuff for hours on end. Harry would likely talk about fantasy football 24 hours a day if he could but he has to slave at work, watching his staff clean gloves for about 28 minutes a day (not including a 2 hour smoke break) before packing it in sometime mid-morning in the summer. It’s a tough life. Then he goes and plays a ClubLink course for half price but really plays like crap because all he’s thinking about is whether to choose the underrated Clinton Portis with his second round pick or take a chance on the soon-to-break-out Eli Manning.

Ooops! Sounds like I might know something about this stuff eh Harris? Well, I did beat your ass last year in a pool and still GOLFED EVERY SUNDAY MORNING! What happens if I actually TRY to do well? It will be another ‘rebuilding’ year for The Glove Cleaners.

I look forward to the challenge and the camaraderie and will have to start working on my trash talking.

I only played one round of golf on the weekend, as I had to help a buddy move on Saturday.

The round on Sunday was oh-so-similar to every round I’ve played lately: bogey on one, bogey on two, bogey on three, bogey on four. Two three putts included. I was able to par number five and I birdied six to get back to +3 on the day but promptly bogeyed seven after my first really bad swing of the day off the tee. I parred eight and nine for a 40 on the front.

I had another solid back nine, birdieing the 10th and 15th holes but an ugly double on the straightforward 17th meant a 37 on the back nine for a 77 overall. I ended up losing my weekly match with Bernie 2&1 but swept the Hollywoods in our fourball and won a skin to end up $9.00 for the day.

I hope to do some very low-key practicing this week. I’ll likely keep it loose by putting and chipping around in my sandals tomorrow. Maybe I’ll hit some balls too. I’m going to practice either Wednesday or Thursday as well then will play 18 on Friday night after work to tune up for Saturday’s first round in the Club Championship. I finished in sixth place last year but the competition is better than ever in 2006 so I’ll need a solid first round to stay in the picture.

I’ll likely do a long-overdue hole-by-hole review of my home course, St. Catharines Golf and CC sometime this week to help me prepare my gameplan for the weekend.

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  • First of all you will not pactice, don\’t lie to the good people out there. Secondly, whats wrong with wearing NFL Jammies on sunday, why not get in the mood for football.


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