Signs of Improvement

I played a really nice round of golf yesterday and while there’s still a lot of room for improvement, I’m not the disaster I thought I was.

It helped that I was playing with Mike and Bernie, who both were playing solid golf themselves yesterday. I was +1 through 16 holes yesterday and was behind both guys. In fact, Mike (who’s taking his playing test later this week to become a pro) was -2 at that point and Bernie was even.

It’s always great to have everyone feeding off the other.

I unfortunately threw up all over myself as usual, going double bogey/bogey for a 76 but I’m not concerned about the number. I hit the ball great off the tee (9/13 Fairways) and was good enough with the irons to hit 10 greens in regulation as well – great numbers for me this year.

I received a tip from Cam, one of the assistants at my club, and it’s working out well for me at the moment. We were chatting about possibly hooking up for lessons when he said “the first thing I’ll be telling you is to drop those hands of yours”.

What he means is that I’ve always held my hands high at address (very upright) and it’s not doing anything good for my ball striking consistency.

Well, I took that nugget of advice with me to Muskoka and just let my arms hang naturally from the sockets when taking my grip. My first thought was “MAN, does this ever feel FLAT!”.

My impression after hitting a few shots was “boy, they are all flying right at the flag”!

So I took the new setup to the course and was very solid in my two Muskoka rounds and even better yesterday, a few loose shots aside. I’ll keep working on it – my iron play still needs work but I’m really comfortable right now with the driver.

Maybe I do have a subpar round in me this year! *FINGERS CROSSED*

Speaking of the assistant pro Cam, he got an exemption into this week’s Canadian Tour stop in Niagara Falls, the Fallsview Pro-Am. It’s a four-day event that’s taking place at the Grand Niagara Resort and at Thundering Waters as well. Cam knew that I’d played at Thundering Waters and asked me if I’d mind going out there with him yesterday afternoon to show him lines off the tee and talk strategy.

Sounds good to me!

So we made a couple stops (first to the local Mizuno rep where we were invited into his ‘Batcave’ to see all the latest and greatest stuff from his company), then to Grand Niagara for registration and finally to Thundering Waters.

I caddied for Cam and pointed out targets off the tees for the first seven holes. It was extremely slow out there so we walked in and grabbed a cart to check out the rest of the holes, with hopes of getting done in time to watch the end of the PGA Championship.

No luck there but at least we saw all 18 holes. I always liked caddying and enjoyed the time out there yesterday with the pros. We just kept to ourselves for the most part but it was cool nonetheless.

Cam opened with a 78 today at Grand Niagara, which places him in a tie for 99th out of the field of 134. He’ll likely need to shoot about a 70 at Thundering Waters if he’s to make the 36 hole cut. That’s a really tough number to hit out there but I can only imagine the feeling of teeing it up in a true Professional Tour event. You can follow his progress at the Canadian Tour Official Website.

Congrats to Cam!

I’ll be back eventually with some pics from Muskoka Bay Club.


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