Another Crazy Week

The Golf Association of Ontario resurrected the George S. Lyon Tournament, a tournament that takes four top amateurs from each golf club and has them play at four different courses. It’s a stroke play event and the team’s score is all of those four rounds added together.

Cam, our head assistant at St. Catharines, asked if I would be interested in replacing one of the guys who had to drop out of the event. When told I’d be playing at Cedar Brae CC in Scarborough, one of my favourite courses in Ontario, I took him up on the offer.

Unfortunately, I almost got our team disqualified when I miscalculated the amount of time it would take to get to the course Thursday morning. I showed up with 6 minutes to spare, as my group was just getting their scorecards from the starter on the first tee.


Without so much as a practice shot, I stroked probably my best ball of the day down the first fairway and ended up making a solid par on the very difficult 452 yard par four.

The solid strokes wouldn’t last.

I three-putted the next THREE holes, going four over in the process. I made the turn at +6 but after a birdie on #10 and solid pars on 11, 12 and 13, I thought I could eke out a good score.

Umm…no sir.

I finished double bogey, bogey, triple bogey, par, double bogey to shoot an unsightly 85.

I just haven’t had a game all year.

We finished around 34th out of 55 teams after Bernie’s 78, Andy’s 80 and Charlie’s 83. There were a number of big names at the event, like Rob Cowan, Warren Sye (who ended up dropping out at the last minute), Kelly Roberts and even noted Canadian rock star Tom Cochrane.

Nice guy that Tom!

Friday was absolutely nuts for me. It was my stag night and I needed the entire day on Friday for preparations. I had lots of trouble earlier in the week getting my liquor license for the event and had just as much difficulty getting the keys to my hall in order to get the beer and pop in the fridge.

The event itself was fun once I calmed down from all the stress of throwing a big party. I was slightly disappointed in the turnout (maybe 100 people total), especially the fact that besides her uncle, there wasn’t ONE PERSON representing the bride’s side of the family or her friends. Not one person. They’re all coming to the wedding but they couldn’t fork over ten bucks to support us for the stag?!

A bit of a pisser but I’m over it.

I wish I had kickstarted the craps game earlier though. It was a big hit at the end of the night and money was flying fast and furious. I would have made out like a bandit in the game on tips if I wasn’t so stubborn to play myself (and lose about a hundred on it).

Oh well…I had great fun anyway.

I barely made a profit on the night though, which really sucks. The hall and food were likely too expensive for the amount of people I had attend. I must say thanks though to anyone who donated prizes for the event – we had a ton of stuff that was given out to the guests and I think everyone went home happy.

Saturday was spent returning the games and doing some ‘window shopping’ with the fiance. I promised a “Jacky day” since I’d be spending all of Sunday doing manly things like golfing, cutting grass and watching NFL football.

Thankfully, the window shopping was at Leon’s, Best Buy, Future Shop and Costco. We’re looking at getting an HDTV and I’m wondering if any of my visitors has an opinion on what to get…

I’m presently leaning towards getting an LCD television. I have heard some negative things about plasma. As far as brand, I’m looking at Sony or Samsung and I’m looking at getting something around 46″.

Any suggestions from the peanut gallery??

I golfed on Sunday and shot another of my patented 77’s. Played like junk most of the day but was awesome around the greens on the front nine and was able to scramble around enough to post a number.

It just wasn’t meant to be this year. I won’t be playing much the rest of the year – I might have 8 rounds left in me. I play at Thundering Waters in the finale of the Niagara Men’s Tour on Saturday and my prospects for playing well are pretty bleak. It’s just not my type of golf course and I’ll be fortunate to break 80.

Lastly, on the fantasy football front, I lost all three of my matchups this weekend and only went 7-9 against the spread in the work pool. I play Harry next week in the ‘Trash Talking’ league so I’ll have to be ready. I’ve already fired the first missile…we’ll see if he responds!


  • great post on the trash talking page, i\’ll get you back over there. As for the TV\’s. The 46 inch Sony LCD is a great one. Thats the one I hope to get. The Plasma technology is way better than it used to be. They won\’t burn out or anything like that and the picture is much better than it used to be. The main rule to remember is Sony is the best at making LCD\’s, and Panasonic is the best for Plasma.


  • BY the way. I should have waited 3 or 4 months to tell you about the t.vs and watched you strugle to decide which one to get, but I\’m not like that. I try to help my friends. I don\’t find plesure in watching them squirm.


  • Okay, okay…Whenever, and I mean WHENEVER I see a flaw in your swing, I\’m going to tell you about it! I won\’t hold back anymore!


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