Niagara Men’s Tour 2006 Finale: Thundering Waters GC

Tomorrow afternoon marks the last stroke play tournament of the year for yours truly, the final event on the Niagara Men’s Tour which takes place at Thundering Waters GC.

It will take a finish similar to last year’s (when I finished second at Beechwood CC) just to maintain ‘exempt’ status on the tour for 2007, as the tour’s board has decided to allow only the top 20 players that luxury.

It’s a bit of a piss-off to me only because they’ve gone back on what they said earlier in the year, when they said the top 30 would be exempt.

Maybe it’s sour grapes on my part since I’m currently in 32nd place or something after finishing 11th last year. Regardless, I haven’t played great this year anyway and it’s almost impossible for me to get into that top 20 barring an elusive top-three finish.

It’s compounded by the fact that we’re at Thundering Waters tomorrow, a course that quite simply doesn’t fit my eye. Maybe the third time will be a charm for me but with the state of my game as it is now, I have doubts that I can shoot a score. I haven’t played much at all lately and I really have no idea what to expect.

I’m just exhausted from all the wedding and stag planning and work has been really taxing lately as well. I head to beautiful Quebec City on Sunday morning for a four day business trip so I have that on my mind as well.

I also suffered a pretty bad fall playing hockey the other day and even daily trips to my new hot tub haven’t been able to cure what aches…

For the first time all year, I have no plan for the round. Nothing.

I’m going to try to hit some balls before the round (haha…right) and see how the swing holds up.

At least I’m playing with Brian, one of the Sunday regulars at our club in the event so we should have a good time. If I shoot a 45 on the front or something similar, I’ll be cracking a beer with him without doubt!

In other news, NHL training camps opened today! Now THAT is exciting news!

The Buffalo Sabres look really strong this year and are in position to perhaps improve upon their fantastic performance in 2005/06. They will be unveiling their new uniforms for the coming season tomorrow morning but the jersey’s were leaked to the public accidentally yesterday.

I still hate ‘the slug’ logo (as its detractors are calling it) but to be honest, I still kind of dig the look. The colours are great and it’s just nice to be going back to the blue and gold.

As you all know, I’m a huge Sabres fan and I’m thinking of possibly starting a new blog that just talks about the team. Like I have enough time for that! But I dunno…I always wanted to be a sportswriter and blogs give you the ability to write about whatever fits your fancy PLUS it’s pretty easy to find an audience.

Food for thought…

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