The Week That Was

Life is a blur right now…there’s no time for anything except wedding stuff and work it seems. But there has been a little bit of ‘fun time’.

As Harry pointed out on his blog, Saturday last week likely didn’t qualify as fun but it was a relatively successful day.

We played in the final event on the Niagara Men’s Tour and it took place at the ridiculously difficult Thundering Waters Golf Club. I’m not going to bore you with the ALL the details but I started off six over through the first seven holes – six bogeys and one lonely par. I wasn’t playing poorly but just couldn’t make a six footer for the life of me on the shaggy greens.

I almost holed a seven iron from the tee on the par three eighth and tapped in the easy 15 incher for birdie to get back to +5. A three-putt on nine for bogey gave me an underwhelming 42 on the front, pretty much what I expected before the day began.

However, I was able to finally start making pars on the back nine and after hitting my second shot into the water greenside on the par five 18th, was able to get up and in for par and an incoming 39 for an 81 overall.

I didn’t make ONE other on the day, with bogey being my worst score. I did make TEN of them but I was able to make it around this tricky course without getting into any real trouble – quite the accomplishment for me!

I knew the scores would be high but I never thought that my 81 would get me close to the top ten. But what do I know?! I ended up finishing a very surprising 8th on the day (73 was the low score) and moved up 9 spots in the overall standings to finish the year off in 24th place. Respectable but still disappointing. I won a nice pair of golf shoes for the finish but the real prize was given a few days later. One of the member’s of the tour board called me to tell me that I was going to be exempt into the 2007 tour after all! They ended up going back to their original plan of taking the top 30 players as opposed to the top 20 so I was comfortably in!

I don’t know if I would have tried to qualify next year if I was on the outside looking in…$100+ dollars to get the CHANCE to make the tour? Ah, who am I kidding? I like the competition too much and would have tried for sure.

I flew to Quebec City early Sunday morning for a four-day business conference. It was my first time and let me tell you: it’s a GORGEOUS city. Beautiful stone-faced architecture, great history, fantastic restaurants and very nice people. I’m not fluent in French so I thought that might be a problem but I found everyone there to be very accommodating.

We hit the Plains of Abraham, the Citadel, Chateau Frontenac and all that good stuff in old Quebec. We even got to do some partying while there, hitting a nightclub on Monday night and getting taken out to a fancy dinner and later a pub on Tuesday night. The business aspect of the trip was good as well.

If you ever get the chance, don’t pass it up. Quebec is lovely.

I got back yesterday morning and after work had to go out looking for wedding bands for myself with Jacky.

This weekend should be interesting as well, as we have to take part in ‘wedding preparation’ classes at the local Catholic church. I’m NOT particularly looking forward to this but it’s a necessary evil at this point.

On Sunday, I have the last golf tournament on the 2006 schedule: the finals of the Niagara Cup competition. It will be nice for St. Catharines to take home the title after being bridesmaids for every year that I’ve taken part in the event but there are a lot of really good clubs participating. I have always preferred match play over medal so hopefully I bring enough game to help our club.

So tired…all I want to do is take care of my lawn! Maybe I’ll find forty minutes to finally cut it on Sunday morning!

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