Updates to Come…I Promise

I‘ll have some more from my recent wedding and subsequent honeymoon in Kauai up in the next few days. I’ve been busy celebrating another Fantasy Football victory in my Trash Talking League that I’m in with Harry. He once again got smoked by another team who had a career week…it’s pretty comical how Harry gets the best player in football (L.T.) and just can’t build a team around him.

I can’t wait for the trash talk to begin tomorrow among the Quebec participants. I’m now getting closer to locking up a playoff spot. Harris should just trade me LT for some bum right now so an Ontario resident has a chance of winning…food for thought Harry!

I might skip over the wedding and just talk about the honeymoon for now, simply because I don’t have any pictures from my photographer yet! We’ll see…

While in Kauai, I played golf twice and I have some pictures from both courses: Princeville (Prince Course), which has been rated in the Top 100 US Courses by Golf Digest Magazine and Poipu Bay Golf Club, which is the home of the PGA Tour’s Grand Slam of Golf, which coincidentally is being played this coming weekend.

The picture above was taken from the pool area of the Princeville Resort where Jacky and I stayed while in Kauai. Just gorgeous…lots more photos to come!

One comment

  • Don\’t give me that shit Matt. I did build a team around LT. I am the freakin points leader in that league. But I have the highest points against too. I should not be loosing so much in that league.


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