Fantasy Football Update – Receivers

Now let’s move on to my situation at receiver in the Trash Talking is a Must fantasy league.


Roy Williams (DET); Joey Galloway (TB); Donte Stallworth (PHI); David Givens (TEN); Heath Miller (PIT); Devery Henderson (NO); Chad Jackson (NE); Marcus Robinson (MIN)

“I’m a bit weak at wideout when it comes to front line talent but I got a lot of depth and phenomenal value in the middle and late rounds. I picked Roy Williams as my first wideout with my third pick. He’s got great size and speed and hopefully will flourish under Mike Martz in Detroit. I got Joey Galloway from Tampa (who may not get as many looks with Michael Clayton healthy) and Philly’s recent pickup Donte Stallworth, who’ll be one of McNabb’s main targets once he grasps the west coast system. Givens was a value selection but I’m not a big fan of his. I like the Heath Miller pick – tight ends aren’t required in this league but Pittsburgh will likely utilize Miller quite a bit this year as they don’t have a lot of options in the passing game with the loss of Randle-El. Henderson from New Orleans gets promoted to the starting lineup with the trade of Stallworth so I love that pick in the 15th round. Chad Jackson from New England is a huge reach, since he’s been injured all preseason but if he’s healthy, he’ll make an impact since Branch is a goner in Patriot land. My last pick of the draft was Marcus Robinson, the number 2 guy in Minnesota. Great value there.”

Roy Williams (DET); Joey Galloway (TB); Wes Welker (MIA); Devery Henderson (NO); Donte Stallworth (PHI); Heath Miller (PIT); Marcus Robinson (MIN)

What a sorry state of affairs here. I’ve had two mainstays in my lineup at this position in Williams and Galloway, who have started for me every week (not including their byes). Let’s start with my hoss Roy Williams. I drafted him in the third round and he’s easily been my most consistent receiver, compiling 183.5 points (16.68 average) which puts him as the 9th best fantasy receiver in the game. Detroit has been brutal this year but it just goes to show how talented this guy is that he still gets decent fantasy numbers without getting the touchdowns to show for it. He’s a marginal #1 receiver in fantasy but would be a bonafide #1 if he had a better support staff.

My #2 has been Galloway and he’s compiled 140.9 points (12.81 average) so far. What’s impressive is that he’s had TWO ZERO POINT WEEKS where he didn’t even get a single catch but he’s still rated as the 21st best receiver in fantasy based on his totals. He’s been an average (at best) #2 guy and was a stretch as a fifth round pick.

My sixth round pick was Donte Stallworth and it’s hard to rate this guy. He’s been TREMENDOUS when in the lineup and seemed to gel with quarterback Donovan McNabb right from the outset. However, a nagging groin injury has sidelined Stallworth for four weeks, limiting his impact in fantasy. He’s picked up 97.7 points in 7 games (13.96 average) and two of those games he was struggling with the groin and wasn’t effective. When healthy, he’s a fantastic #2 but that’s always a challenge with Stallworth. Once again, he’s favouring the groin and I may have to keep him out of the lineup this week against Harris.

My next receiver selected was David Givens and he was a complete bust this year. He wasn’t getting looks early in Tennessee and then got injured. I dropped him in week four and never looked back. As I said in my analysis in August, I didn’t like him then and I sure as hell don’t like him now. Bad pick.

Another bad choice was Pittsburgh tight end Heath Miller, who’s still unfortunately on my team. He had one productive week this whole year and that was week one when he caught a long TD. However, he was on my bench that week so I couldn’t utilize his one good performance. Due to the Stallworth injury and byes, I was forced to use Miller twice this year. He put up about 5 points in each game. I miscalculated on his impact in Pittsburgh this year and is one of my worst picks in this draft.

My last three receivers chosen were shots in the dark for the most part although I thought Devery Henderson was going to assume the #2 receiver position in New Orleans after the departure of Stallworth. I was wrong there too. That slot went to unheralded Marques Colston, who’s had a HUGE year for the Saints when healthy. Henderson was relegated to the slot receiver position and had some decent weeks on my bench. However, with Colston hurt recently, Henderson has moved into the #2 position and has put up three huge weeks in the past month. My best move as a GM in this league was putting Henderson in my lineup for the first time last weekend in place of Stallworth. It worked out tremendously, as Henderson put up a spectacular 25.8 points while Stallworth sputtered with Jeff Garcia throwing, catching only 2 balls for 9 yards.

Chad Jackson was a reach when drafted and never got a chance to play in my lineup due to injury and lack of playing time. He’s since been dropped. My last pick in the draft was Marcus Robinson. He’s battled the injury bug as well but when healthy has contributed to the Vikings. However, I haven’t had him in my lineup yet due to his inconsistency.

I haven’t been forced to make too many pickups this year but one of my better ones was Wes Welker. I picked him up in week five and he was in my lineup for three weeks during byes and as Stallworth’s injury replacement. While not spectacular, Welker picked up about 13 points per week and was an effective replacement. He’s still on my team and I may have to give him a look this weekend.

I also had sieves like Hank Baskett (1 week) and Eric Johnson (2 awful weeks) in my lineup because of injuries and I lost every week those guys played. They’re goners now.

Not a great year overall for my receivers but funny enough, they are doing really well for me right now. With Henderson putting up mad points and Williams’ consistency, I’m starting to get good production from the flankers.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the final discussion on my kicking game and my team defence.

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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