Poker Night is Back!

Toast is pretty pumped about the fact that the weekly poker game is on once again after a summer-long absence.

We started it up again on November 14th and had seven guys playing $1/$2 over at my place. I lost an unsightly $2.00 that night playing EXTREMELY loose. Unacceptable!

One week later, on the 21st, we had seven guys again, with Gary doing the hosting duties. We moved the stakes down to $0.50/$1 but the chips still flew wildly. I lost $10.00 that night and got no cards to speak of the whole time.

We took last week off because the addict (Toast) was off hob-nobbing in Florida with other computer geeks like himself. Guess I can’t make fun when I’m in the toilet paper business but I digress…

So I’m down $12.00 overall in the game and we’re back in action tomorrow night over at Harris’ place. He’s happy because he can ‘burn at will without having to go out into the freezing cold’ but I figure he wanted to host so he can watch Thursday night football while playing cards. I’ll have to record the Sabres game on my PVR but that’s cool…I love getting together to play cards with the boys so it should be a fun night.

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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  • I\’m going to post this because I like the quote enough.\”If I have to listen to bitching about the stakes being too high at $1/2 limit I\’ll quit! I\’d rather have a small animal crawing through my rectum with Richard Gere chasing it than to listen to the complaints.\”


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