Killed by the Donk at Poker Night

I got absolutely destroyed on Wednesday night at the home game to the tune of $80.00. I should be careful of what I say though. Harry is likely going to run and tell his old man at the Hanukkah dinner table this week and I’ll have yet another intervention from my crazy parents after Gary starts spinning lies.

It was easily my worst result in a poker home game. However, my cards were excellent throughout the night and I just kept getting beaten by fantastic hands. Trip Queens lost twice for me. AK preflop hit big on an AK3 flop but my opponent Jeff had pocket kings.

Another all-in lost there.

Then, the hand of the night saw me beaten by the king of donks himself, Mr. Toast. You can check out his recap of the hand here at his blog. The thing he DOESN’T SAY (because it proves he’s a donk) is that he called an $18.00 all-in bet when he had $2.00 invested into the pot with nothing but king high and an OESD.

Oh well. If he wants to keep putting his money into the middle as an underdog, so be it. He won so he must be a smarter player than I. At the end of the day, you can’t get too upset – it’s called gambling for a reason!

Insult was added to injury on the last hand of the night when my full house of sixes over threes was defeated by his set of kings over sixes.

Not my night. Brett and I were the only guys who lost money on the night while Harry, Jay, Toast, Jeff and Mike were all on the plus side.

Hopefully we can get one more game in before the new year sometime this coming week.

The next night, a bunch of our golf buddies ventured over the border to Mr. B’s in Niagara Falls, NY for some pizza and wings at our annual Christmas get-together. Unfortunately, only eight of the guys showed up (Harry backed out because he was sick…more like he wanted to watch football alone on the couch) to make it a pretty lame night overall. The food was awesome, though, and ridiculously inexpensive as well. Eight guys, four full pizzas, 80 wings, numerous pitchers of draft: $91.00 Canadian. Not too shabby!

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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