Springtime in January

The weather in the Niagara Region has been unbelievably gorgeous for about a month straight.

Yesterday, temperatures almost hit 60 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees Celsius), there was a warm breeze in the air and there was an abundance of sunshine. On January 4th! Compare this to my wedding day in October: drizzling rain, 2 degrees Celsius and bitter winds.

I haven’t needed to pull out the snow shovel once this winter but I’m sure we’ll eventually get blasted. Probably in late March when I’ve got the sticks all shined up and ready to go.

Just a couple of little updates for now. First of all, I’m about halfway through my project on the golf courses I’ve played and should be finished by the weekend. It’s a pretty laborious undertaking, as I’m including the architect, course slope and yardage information, the year established along with accolades (Golf Digest, Golf Magazine or Score Canada ranking information). I’ll also include how many times I’ve played the course and my low round.

That in itself might make for boring reading so I’m also providing a link that details my experience on each course so the reader has a better understanding of whether or not the course is worth playing.

Again, I plan on writing up real course reviews in the near future to help people even more in this regard and I will eventually link the review with the courses on my ‘Played’ list. Ranking lists are always criticized, especially the big ones like Score’s list or Golf Digest’s rankings but they certainly give people something to talk about. Hopefully I can provide something fun for everyone to read.

My first ‘real’ reviews will likely be of the Hawaiian courses I played on my honeymoon: The Prince Course at the Princeville Resort and Poipu Bay GC, both on the island of Kauai.

My next post, however, will likely talk about a major proposal that was briefly discussed with members of St. Catharines G&CC at a recent shareholders meeting. I attended that meeting, being a shareholder myself and it literally felt like a bomb dropped on those in attendance with the announcement.

I didn’t write about it at the time because I felt it wasn’t anyone’s business except for those at the club. However, the issue was brought out in public in yesterday’s St. Catharines Standard in an editorial column so I figure I can now talk about it a bit.

It will be a very contentious issue in the coming months with members and also with homeowners in the area and I’ll have a report up tomorrow.

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