Longing for the Links

Winter has finally hit Southern Ontario, with temperatures below freezing and about an inch of snow on the ground.

Golf is still at least two months away for us here in the Niagara Region but it’s certainly on my mind. My buddy Harris is planning another golf vacation after our successful venture to PGA Village last year.

This time, the destination is Scottsdale, Arizona, where they’ll play courses like Troon (Monument), the ASU Karsten GC and TPC Scottsdale. I suggested that they also include Tom Doak’s Apache Stronghold GC but that might be a bit of a road trip. I’ve been to Scottsdale once before and did play golf while there but I was just a novice at the time – I think it was the Ken McDonald Golf Course but I’m not entirely sure.

Unfortunately, the chances of me going this year are slim to none. Now that I’m a married man, I can’t just ‘up and leave’ like I could do as a single lad. A week away is way too much and to be honest, the money is an issue. A better investment would be new irons, I think…we’ll see.

’24’ is back and this week’s episode was another beaut. They are finally bringing Jack’s father and brother into the storyline and it’s pretty juicy. That smug-looking guy who used to be a doctor on ‘ER’ plays Grey Bauer, Jack’s brother, and he is just begging to get an ass-kicking with that s*@t-eating grin that permanently resides on his kisser. The fun part is trying to guess who the mole is in CTU and among the President’s staff. My hope is that there aren’t any this year – it’s becoming old, to be honest. A solid start to the season and it has my attention.

In other news, I got smoked at the home poker game last week to the tune of $55.00, one of my worst losses thus far. I’m not very good at the game anymore, I’m sad to say.

One more week until the special shareholders meeting at St. Catharines G&CC to discuss the proposal to sell our land and build a new course. I’m pretty excited to hear more about where everything stands but I don’t plan on posting anything about it here afterwards (the collective readership of ‘Now on the Tee’ boos in unison!).

If information is made public, then we can use this as a forum for discussion; otherwise, I will be keeping things quiet out of respect for the club and its membership.

I will have my review of the Princeville Resort and the highly-regarded Prince Course up by Wednesday.


  • I love the whole blame it on the wife thing, when she\’d probably be perfectly happy with you taking off for a few days.At least I have a valid excuse for not knowing whether I can go yet — business is booming!


  • I can\’t wait for Wednesday. Matt is there any way you can please push up the release date. I don\’t think I\’ll be able to sleep tonight.


  • Ooooh…sarcastic comments are fun!Don\’t you have to clean some freakin\’ gloves today? Smoke some boss?!? Do you even work over there?I know you love my blog but coming twice in less than an hour?! You really do like Now on the Tee don\’t you?


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