Winter Doldrums

Not much going on at Now on the Tee these days…

Here it is, March 1st, only 20 days from Spring and we’re in the midst of an ugly winter storm. It’s becoming difficult to imagine actually playing golf this month, something that did happen last year during March.

The Sabres continue to play fantastic hockey despite losing eight starters over the past nine games due to injury. The most controversial of the injuries took place a week ago in Buffalo when captain Chris Drury was on the receiving end of a brutal check from Ottawa’s Chris Neil.

Drury split his head open on the ice after being knocked unconscious by the force of the hit and mayhem ensued. A full scale brawl broke out and included both goaltenders – the game was a fixture on late night highlight shows and made headlines on Canadian and US national news.

I was lucky enough to be there and it was truly one of the best games I’ve ever seen live. Not just because of the fights but the drama of the hit, the aftermath and the game itself, which ended with Buffalo prevailing 6-5 in a shootout. You can check out my thoughts on the game at Bleeding Blue and Gold, my Sabres blog.

Just a great game and the much-hyped rematch was just as good. The depleted Sabres fell behind by three goals but stormed back to eventually tie. They would ultimately lose 6-5 in the contest but their squad, filled with green rookies, played admirably.

What a fun team to watch!

I had to essentially give a cup of my blood to the organization today, as the deadline to pay up for playoff tickets was about to pass. All kidding aside, the Sabres continue to treat their fans with class, putting through only a marginal increase for the playoff ducats. Still, I had to pay upfront for two full rounds (8 games times 2 tickets per game) and also had to put up a 20% deposit for next year’s seats. This is due to the fact that the team offered season ticket holders a deal where the first round would be at regular season prices if you fronted some cash for next season.

Meh. I saved $80.00 US so I’m happy.

Not much else going on. I’m back on the membership and marketing committee at the golf club this year and also volunteered for a subcommittee to write a marketing plan for the club.

The whole experience on the committee has been an eye-opener without doubt – the shear amount of political bullshit at the club is staggering. But the club needs some younger voices so I’ll continue to provide mine, even if it doesn’t get heard in the end. I just want the place to thrive like it really should…

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