It’s Just Around the Corner!

We had our first little thunderstorm earlier today!

Not exactly something that deserves an exclamation mark at the end of the sentence but when it’s a precursor to melting snow, warmer weather and golf, well, an exclamation point it gets.

It’s very wet right now but if the temperatures continue to stay where they are, we might be on the golf course by Masters week. We are way behind where we were last year, as I played four rounds before the middle of April but the winter came late in ’07 and has stuck around a bit longer than usual.

No matter. It’s almost here!

I got together with Bernie a couple days ago for a beer (OK, two beers) at the club. We were to meet up with a few guys who are interested in joining our regular group on Saturdays but they didn’t show up. Not off to a good start boys…we already have too many unreliable guys in our group…

I’ll give them another shot. I’m the guy who gets grief from the pros, however, as I’m the one who sets the tee times every week. Don’t know who I pissed off to get that job!

Regardless, I had a nice chat with Bernie, his buddy Dave and a few others that stopped by during the hour or so I was there.

One of those was Cam, our assistant pro, who indicated that there may be big changes for the Niagara Cup this year, the annual team competition among clubs in the region.

If you’re a regular reader of this site, you know I’ve participated in the competition for the last few years and have been lucky enough to do pretty well. It’s modeled after the Ryder Cup competition in that it’s all match play and there are two-balls, scrambles and singles matches. There are eight guys per club who participate: seven members and a pro.

Well, it looks like there is some serious downsizing planned for this year, as only THREE members will participate with the pro. A lot of the other clubs had trouble putting together 8-man teams and even when they did, the talent pool was pretty thin.

Well, that pretty much ensures that I won’t be playing this year!

I’m just not good enough to crack the top three at our club – there are just too many fine players.

In other news, I’m in the market for new irons and wedges this year. I’m a complete Taylor-Made whore these days so the new R7 TP’s are looking like winners to me, although they look a bit thick up top. I lack consistency in my ball striking so the forgiving nature of these clubs over pure blades is something that appeals to me. I’m currently playing the Taylor-Made 300’s so there likely isn’t too much of a difference in looks – I just hope the technology in the new irons has advanced to the point where it’s worth the upgrade.

I’m currently using Cleveland wedges in the gun metal finish. I love those things but I’m essentially playing without grooves right now. I should have replaced them last year so new wedges are long overdue. I’ll either stay with Cleveland, go to the Titleist Vokeys or go with Taylor-Mades.

Any opinions from my peanut gallery?

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado


  • You think are SOOOOoooo good at golf, don\’t ya?Howbout you learn to show up to a tee time more than 30 seconds ahead of time, or book them 15 minutes later so you can be on time.—Aside from the shit-talking (admittedly harry feeds me all my lines and he\’s not on MSN anymore), I think we can be out there earlier than you suspect given what the temperatures are about to do in the next couple days.Then again, i\’m an optomist.


  • I had the vokey wedges since i was 12 years old. swore by them. I loved my vokey gap wedge more than any other club. Once i got my hands on those Taylor made TP wedges i was sold. They are amazing. The face on them grips the ball vey well when you want to put spin on it, and it\’s easy enough to let your chips release if you want. Great feel to them aswell. I felt that I had much better touch with them. If you want you can try mine out before you make you choice. I never played with clevelands, so i can\’t say anything about them.


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