First Rounds of 2007 Are in the Books

It was an absolutely gorgeous spring weekend here in the Northeast, with spectacular sunshine and temperatures above 20 degrees both days.

That meant it was finally time to put the new lawnmower and barbeque together, put up the canopy on my patio and do some other general spring cleaning.

Most importantly, it meant that we could hit the golf course for the first time this season!

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with how the rounds went. I finished double bogey, bogey, birdie on Saturday to shoot a 75 (+3). It was one of those rounds where it probably looked like I shot in the low-80’s due to poor driving and ball striking.

Toast couldn’t believe I came in with a score that low.

However, my chipping was pretty awesome for the first time out and my putting was real solid too.

Sunday’s round saw more of the same, with even bigger struggles with my driver. However, my iron play was much better and I hit a bunch of greens on my way to a outgoing nine of 37 (+1).

The back nine saw me get a little loose with my putting and concentration, as I three-whacked FOUR times on my way to an incoming 41 and a 78 (+6) overall.

Still, a really good way to start the year and I won a few bucks in skins and sidegames as well.

I continued to test out the TaylorMade R7 TP’s with good success but am still undecided about a course of action on wedges. I’ve trialed both the Titleist Vokey Spin Milled and the TaylorMade RAC’s and will have to come to a decision soon, as my first tournament of the year is coming up on Monday next week…

Harry and I are attempting to qualify for the GAO Ontario Better Ball Championship that is being held at Oakdale CC this year. Our qualifying site is Bridgewater CC in Fort Erie, a course I’m now very familiar with.

I don’t fancy our chances much, as there are a lot of veterans out there with infinitely more experience in these provincial events than myself, as I played in two Ontario Juniors but have never qualified for a senior event. It’s also important to note that this will be Harry’s first experience in a provincial event so butterflies might be a factor as well.

I expect Harry to carry the team, since he’s spent the last week honing his game on world-class courses in Arizona while the rest of us common folk labour away at our jobs.

Nevertheless, I look forward to the experience and I imagine we’ll have a good time regardless of what we shoot. I’ll have a preview of that event by the weekend.


  • First rounds?I think you might have forgot last weekend where you shot mid 80\’s.Me, I\’m low 80\’s all day long baby.


  • Your mind must have been clouded by the 77 you shot that day…I shot 80 on the dot, not \”mid-80s\” but that was an \’out of season\’ round so this weekend qualifies as the first rounds of the year.That was just practice! 😉


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