Heading to St. Thomas

Toast, Harris, Adam R and myself are making the two and a half hour drive to Union, Ontario this morning to play the respected St. Thomas G&CC, a Stanley Thompson design.

Our club has reciprocal privileges with a number of Thompson courses in the province, including St. Thomas, Sunningdale, Galt, Dundas Valley, Cutten Club and others. You state your desire to play one of the courses and there is a monthly draw to determine who ‘wins’ the times. There are only two tee-off times per month per course available so it’s not easy.

I put our name in for St. Thomas and for Sunningdale and hoped like heck to get St. Thomas and was fortunate enough to get it. Friend of Now on the Tee, architect Ian Andrew, is convinced St. Thomas is a Top-25 course in Canada.

In fact, he rates it 13th in the ENTIRE COUNTRY on his blog. That gets me just a little excited, let me tell you!

Should be a great day as we cross our fingers that the expected thunderstorms stay away. I’ll be back with photos and a review either tonight or tomorrow.

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