The Game Disappears; The Incomparable Open Championship

Short entry tonight, as I’m not really interested in waxing poetic about my golf game after a horrific weekend of play.

82 on Saturday at St. Catharines. 82 on Sunday at East Aurora.

I got absolutely nothing out of this weekend on the course except extreme frustration. My play has been great for over a month than I inexplicably lose every part of my game in one weekend.

I just don’t understand.

East Aurora still is a great track and I can’t say enough about the staff and members out there. You really feel like a member for a day when you visit that place.

The day got infinitely better once I got home. I PVR’d the final round of the Open Championship and watched the whole thing without knowing the result.

What drama! What entertainment! Why can’t the Masters be like this anymore? Or the US Open?

First we saw great early morning runs from Americans Ben Curtis and Hunter Mahan and almost saw Aussie Richard Green shoot a 63 but he fell short at the last hole.

We then watched Andres Romero pretty much birdie every hole on the back nine but pull a trademark ‘Van de Velde’ on the 17th? How can you try to hit a 2-iron from the hay when you have a two-shot lead?! Stunning!!!

Then there was Paddy Harrington, with his wide eyes seemingly staring down an easy victory until he puts TWO BALLS into the burn on the 18th hole, making a crippling double bogey.

Now it’s Sergio’s tournament to win but what does he do? He gets noticeably impatient on the 18th fairway as the guy raking the bunkers in the group ahead decided to take his sweet time making sure every spec of sand was perfect before leaving the stage.

Garcia’s shot was hit a bit fat into the greenside bunker and he would miss an 8-footer for his first major championship.

It’s playoff time!

Harrington would pull it out in the four hole playoff to win HIS first major as Garcia suffers yet another devastating loss.

The ultimate winner of the event is the R&A and Carnoustie – what a great setup for the Open this year, completely redeeming them both after the massacre from 1999.

That was one of the most entertaining golf tournaments I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching.

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