The Countdown Begins

This was the last weekend of play before the annual club championship at St. Catharines and I was looking forward to bouncing back after a less than ideal round at East Aurora last Sunday.

The stats say quite a lot about my round on Saturday. I shot my third consecutive 82 but it was much different and much worse than the other 82’s. I only hit five greens in regulation and only five fairways.

Worse still, I only made a paltry THREE PARS the entire day!

The 82 actually flattered me and was helped by the fact I also made three birdies, two of the tap-in variety including one two-putt bird. I had no ‘grind’ yesterday and my short game was off-the-charts pathetic.

I had a beer after the round, something quite rare for me and proceeded to the range after everyone left.

That’s how bad things were – I actually PRACTICED for the first time all year. I’ve only been to the range a few times this year, all as warm-ups but this time I went to work on the swing.

I can’t really say it was a productive session unless you believe that a person only has so many bad shots in them. If that’s the case, I wasted about 100 more during the 45 minutes I was out there.

I went to the putting green after that and spent another 15 minutes on the short game. Again, I was fiddling around more than practicing but I made some putts and felt a little better after putting the work in.

I came out today looking for improvement. Thankfully, for the most part, I was rewarded.

My driver was AWFUL all day, with only one decent strike off the tee and many weak hooks. There is something technically wrong with my swing with the driver that I will have to figure out in short order.

However, my iron play was much better, as I hit 8 out of my first 10 greens, making three birdies along the way to go +1 through that stretch of holes.

I came undone a bit on the par three 12th after short-siding myself in the greenside bunker. I hit likely one of the best bunker shots of the year, splashing the ball into the bank to deaden it and watched it trickle to about 15 inches.

I missed the putt. Ha!

Completely went out of my routine and I was ANGRY! I followed it up with a three-putt from off the green on 13 and kind of coasted in from there, shooting a 77 (+5) on the day. Still, it’s an improvement. I even won my first skin in about a month today after almost holing my tee shot on the par three 7th today.

I went back to more of a three-quarter swing with my irons with good success but that philosophy doesn’t really work with the big dog, so I’m going to have to figure the driver out in the next five days. My putting was a little better too – I’m trying to work the stroke with my shoulders more, especially on right-to-lefters, something that is a weakness for me – uncommon for a right handed player, I know.

I think I’m going to try to get in some golf this week after work, playing a couple nine hole rounds to keep me loose before the big weekend ahead. I can drop a few balls out there and hit some shots on the course, something that’s much funner for me than mindlessly banging balls on the range.

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