The Break-In

Jacky and I had our first break-in since buying our house last year and the scary thing was that we were home sleeping when it happened.

Our security alarm went off around 4am on Tuesday morning. My wife furiously tried to waken me from my slumber and I actually asked her “are you sure it’s our house?” as the entire place was buzzing.

I got up and immediately started for the stairs but my wife screamed “someone could BE in the house!”

The blood was pumping now so I put on a pair of shorts, grabbed my glasses and looked for a weapon. I ended up grabbing a pair of long scissors and flew downstairs on pure adrenaline.

I got to the alarm pad and noticed that the number four was flashing on it…the man door in the garage had been compromised. Without fear, I opened the door to the garage and noticed that yes, the door was wide open going into the backyard.

I quickly shut the door to the house and locked it then told Jacky to call the cops.

I went upstairs to check on Jacky as she was on the phone and saw her start yelling out the window to a guy in a car.

“Who are you? What are you doing?”

He got out of his car and said “someone broke into my house and I just saw a guy going into the houses over there. I was just about to call the police.”

Jacky told him she was already on the phone with them and indicated to the person on the phone that someone else may have been robbed.

“But I don’t know if I trust him or not”, Jacky said.

The guy ended up driving into the townhouses about a block away and the cops arrived shortly thereafter, starting in those townhouses before coming to our place.

I went out to meet them and took them around back. It was then that I noticed for the first time that one of the windows in the garage was wide open and there was a waste basket upside down right underneath.

The guy jimmied my window to get in the garage.

The lucky thing for us was that I had done a bunch of tree pruning a couple days earlier and didn’t finish until after dark. I had no light to cut the branches so I threw them all in my garage right up against that window. There was no way the burglar could move stuff out the window with all the trees there so he was forced to try to go out the man door.

Big mistake, as it is hooked up to our alarm system.

We went through the garage and I looked for anything that might have been stolen. Everything looked to be in its rightful place.

After answering a few more questions, the officer indicated that the K-9 unit would try to search him out. He gave us his card and told us to call him if we figured anything got stolen and with that, he went back out to his car.

There was no chance I could sleep at this point so I turned on the computer and did a bit of surfing. A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door.

“Is this yours?”, the officer asked, holding a half empty case of Coors Light.


I had a few cases of beer in my garage left over from my stag, that took place almost nine months ago.

“Yeah, that’s probably mine”, I said.

“Would it have been full or half empty like this”, he asked.

“It may have been half empty”, I said. “There were some leftovers from the stag but we’re not real drinkers here so it’s just been sitting in the garage for all that time.”

The handle on one side of the case was torn off, as the case probably broke on the idiot as he was running down the street. The cops found it about two or three blocks away and now they were hot on the guy’s trail.

“We’ll likely have a police photographer call you in the morning to take pictures of your window and see if there are any fingerprints”, he said.

With that, they were off, with only the K-9 unit vehicle in front of our driveway. It was about 5:30am by this point.

The phone rang at about 6:45am – I still hadn’t been able to get back to sleep by this point.

It was the officer, telling me that they caught the guy!

Unbelievably, he was found in a field over by a local church with about 10-12 empty beer bottles around him.

Haha. The guy DID have a full case but when it fell apart on him, he took as many bottles as he could, stuffed them in his pockets and took off!

My goodness.

He also had a stolen bike from some other house along with a few other things that didn’t belong to us. Geez, the things people do for alcohol or drugs…

Anyway, I’m going to be nailing those windows down and getting them hooked up to the alarm system so this doesn’t happen again. I’m just so thankful that our actual house wasn’t breached and that neither of us was hurt.

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado


  • i have a few things to say. 1. Glad that nothing serious got stolen and you and Jacky are O.k. 2. Possibly the best post you ever wrote. 3. You running down the stairs with scissors is probably the funniest thing I can imagine. 4. All in all I can\’t stop laughing at this one. Great stuff.


  • Ya what were the scissors going to do? You were gonna stab the guy?8 hours later from reading this post and I\’m still laughing.


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